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12 Days of Gratitude

In keeping with our own tradition, we are continuing the 12 Days of Gratitude message, changed up a bit from the 12 Days of Christmas poetic style.  With this bit of reflection, gratitude, and giving thanks, we hope it will spur others to come up with a list of things for which they are grateful during the holidays:

On the first day of Gratitude, we are thankful for the continued support of all our 1 million-plus residents who call Denton County home. We are here to serve you.

On the second day of Gratitude, we are thankful for the U.S. Department of Treasury funds, which helped us continue to assist many Denton County families with fresh fruits and vegetables through our food box program.

On the third day of Gratitude, we are thankful for our cities, towns and their elected officials who continue to collaborate with us to solve any issues that may arise throughout the year. These efforts have borne the fruits of so many new programs and roads to address the issues of a fast-growing county.

On the fourth day of Gratitude, we are thankful for being in Denton County where we continue to see record-breaking growth with an estimated 86 new residents every day.  

On the fifth day of Gratitude, we are thankful for our Chambers of Commerce, our businesses – large, medium, and small – who provide a wide variety of employment opportunities and continue to drive our thriving local economy. 

On the sixth day of Gratitude, we are thankful for our educators – from teachers to principals to other school officials – who educate our next generation and prepare them to be our future leaders. 

On the seventh day of Gratitude, we are thankful for our first responders – police, fire and emergency medical technicians – who keep us safe from harm and are there to protect us whether from a fire, during a medical emergency, or from unseen dangers that lurk in shadows. They all put their lives in danger to ensure our safety.  

On the eighth day of Gratitude, we are thankful for our 1,900-plus employees who work year-round to serve the public – whether on patrol with the Sheriff’s Office, at the front counter with our Tax Offices or in the courtrooms. These individuals have dedicated their careers to serving you. 

On the ninth day of Gratitude, we are thankful to our many nonprofits who have worked together to help our residents whether they require housing support, food assistance, access to mental health resources or have other needs. 

On the tenth day of Gratitude, we are thankful for all the many people who volunteer their time to ensure others receive much-needed food and clothing or to assist someone in need. They spend countless hours of their own time helping others. 

On the eleventh day of Gratitude, we are thankful for the collaboration among all of our federal, state, counties, municipalities, school districts, colleges, universities, medical facilities, and utility industries to ensure we continue to serve the public effectively.

On the twelfth day of Gratitude, we are thankful for who we are, what we have, and for our wonderful family and friends. 

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