11-Year-Old’s Art Chosen for the 2022 – 2023 Argyle West Elementary Yearbook Cover

Little Isabelle, at first, did not hear her name on the announcements in the school and missed the yearbook cover contest winner’s name announcement. Later, when she returned from recess, other kids and teachers were congratulating her and cheering for her. That’s when she realized her art submission was chosen to grace the cover of the 2022 – 2023 Argyle West Elementary Yearbook. Isabelle had a big smile on her face, which she carried the whole day. 

“She was so excited. She felt pride in being chosen. She was smiling so big when she got home from school. She was so happy,” said Pam Arrington, Isabelle’s mom. 

It took her two days to create the beautiful art with a soaring eagle above the school building, beautified by a couple of colorful warm fuzzies. The warm fuzzies represent kindness. 

The 11-year-old says she loves her school because there are so many kind people there. “Part of the inspiration for the cover came from a program the Argyle West Elementary School counselor, Mrs. Kennedy, started with warm fuzzies. Isabelle said she had to include those in the art because they represented what Argyle West Elementary means to her,” Pam shared. 

Isabelle was just two when she first grabbed a colored pen and started drawing. In kindergarten, she wanted to draw all the time in her class, and at home, she always wanted to draw and paint. She started drawing pictures of wolves and dragons.

“Sketching is her favorite art form. She loves sketching wolves and dragons,” Pam mentioned. “Isabelle said she loves drawing and making art for other people, and it helped her make friends when she started at Argyle West. I love that she is passionate about art, and I am proud of her for working hard at something she enjoys doing.”

“She loves bringing a book, paper, and pencil everywhere she goes. She also loves going to art exhibits and museums,” she said. 

Other than art, Isabelle likes to make masks and put together costume ideas. She is good at sewing and writing. She is also involved in Taekwondo and plays basketball for one of the Argyle Youth Sports Association teams. Isabelle also loves animals and enjoys attending church at Argyle Community Church. 

The Argyle talent has won several awards in past years for her art, including first-place wins and a Grand Champion award at the North Texas Fair and Rodeo. Isabelle hopes to get involved in the Argyle Middle School and High School Theatre programs when she is older and wants to major in Art in college. Her goal is to be an artist, costume designer, and animator. 

Isabelle will be a 5th-grade student in the fall at Argyle West Elementary. Currently, she is enjoying kicking off her summer by attending an Argyle ISD Art Camp taught by Mrs. Hederich, an Art teacher in Argyle ISD. 

“Argyle ISD has strong Fine Arts programs, and it is great for parents of students who are interested in art to get them involved in trying art classes and summer camps,” Pam said.

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