Things are Heating Up. How’s your Patio Life?

When people call in looking to create an outdoor space we ask them what they envision or are looking for within the new space. Some will already have plans & know exactly what they want while others have no idea. The next question will be what you like and dislike about your current space. This will often give the clueless client a chance not to be overwhelmed by the possibilities and allows them to channel in on specifics based on what they already have. DON’T LET THE OVERWHELMING AMOUNT OF OPTIONS KEEP YOU FROM MOVING FORWARD.

Your patio space should be an extension of the house – furnished and functional. More than anything, it should be a space that’s designed to fit your needs. This allows you to effortlessly enjoy the outdoors.

Having a cover over your space really allows for more useable time throughout the year no matter the weather conditions and gives you the opportunity to truly make it feel as if it’s just another room in the home. Sometimes a good balance of covered as well as uncovered patio space is the answer.

Having the ability and an adequate amount of counter space to grill out during the week or entertain on the weekends allowing you to prep and cook with ease can greatly enhance your outdoor experience. Putting in a side burner, extra storage, or even a fridge can all add to the usability and convenience of the space. You don’t have to go huge, super luxurious, or over the top with it – just build it to suit your needs, and most importantly, make it functional for you.

Fireplaces, fountains, fire pits, and other features won’t only set your space apart from others but will also provide some function to your outdoor living. Whether it’s that focal point that a fireplace offers, a relaxing sound you get off of a water feature or fountain, or being able to gather around the fire pit on a cool night. Adding features to your patio space not only creates interesting destinations but also brings people together enabling you to enjoy the space that much more.


PJ Kratohvil 

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