The Little Circus that Could

The Vernados Circus rolled into Flower Mound and set up their tent around the middle of April this year. It was the first time the show has come to DFW, having previously only visited the cities of Houstin and Austin. This small, intimate show entertained the community from a temporary location set up at 4400 River Walk Drive in Flower Mound, TX. A turnout of small children of all ages came with their families to see what all the hype was all about.

Proudly advertised as a “world-class, animal-free circus with a heart of a Broadway Musical” this show featured a variety of performers including a comedy act, aerialists, acrobats, jugglers and magicians. Known as the “Lets Build a Dream” tour they went on to perform 16 shows over a two week period here in Flower Mound.

Former Ringling Brother Ringmaster Kevin Venardos created this circus to introduce the American Circus tradition to a new generation. Kevin at the age of 22, became one of the youngest ringmasters in the history of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. He loved being ringmaster, but left Ringling Brothers after five years. “I never liked thinking that someone else had, in their control, my future, and the future of my dreams. So, I would have to create my own operation. And so here we are!”

A brand new Italian-made-red-and-white striped tent with expanded seating around a central stage allowed for unobstructed views of the performers. Theater and miraculous feats combined to present a non-stop show of engaging delight. The performers doubled as the crew in this traveling act, much like the original circus shows of the past. The cast is drawn from all over the world, representing many cultures, and with diverse talents.

Guests were transported back in time to a center ring of a centuries-old tradition.
After leaving North DFW, the next stop on the tour is Littleton, CO. Hope you had all had a chance to catch this show while it was in town. If not we will await their possible return next spring.

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