The Importance of Community

City of Justin

The City of Justin may be small, however, the history of this quaint community runs deep. When people think about Justin, the first few things that come to mind are Justin Boots and trains. In fact, The City of Justin was named after a railroad system engineer, Walter Justin Sherman. “Trains are very much a part of our history”, City of Justin employee, Abbey Reece, said.

Justin’s first plat was filed in 1887 and from there, the city has seen incredible growth. In 1904, Citizens Bank first opened its doors. Later down the road, the bank was renamed Justin State Bank. This landmark is still in full operation and is located in Justin along FM 156. Finally, in the year 1946, Justin was incorporated as a City. “History is important to Justin and we encourage people to visit the Justin Community Library and learn more about our city from the ‘Revisiting Justin’ group,” Abbey said.

When it comes to choosing Justin as your home, it really has become such an easy choice. There’s a sense of community that comes with living here. Everyone knows everyone. There are no strangers in Justin. “We recently talked with a local business owner and resident and asked why they chose Justin as their home,” Abbey mentioned. “The main takeaway was that they wanted a small safe town to raise their children in, while also being in a community where you can live, work, and play. Justin is the best of both worlds.” Justin is also known for offering great amenities and being in a top-tier school district with Northwest ISD. And it’s located just far enough out from the hustle and bustle of a larger city.

Something else that makes Justin such a treasured community by all its residents is the event that the city puts on called Justin Fun Day. Being very on-brand with the city’s theme, Justin Fun Day is all about community. “Justin Fun Day is a community-driven event, located in the city’s old town area. We want to offer a family-friendly day of fun for free,”
Abbey shared.

This amazing event began back in the early ‘90s and was started by the Justin Chamber of Commerce. For many years, in the beginning, the Justin Discount Boots Store also hosted the event until it eventually transitioned over to the city.

Even though this event began in the ‘90s, the last time the event took place was back in 2016. “The community has made a really big push to bring this back,” Abbey said. “Their voices were heard. There is an obvious sense of community in this town and Justin Fun Day is a great representation of that.”
The City of Justin has really gone all out for the comeback of this beloved event. Over the years, Justin Fun Day has included some amazing attractions. However, most people would recognize it from the Ferris wheel, carnival rides, the Little Mr. and Miss Justin Contest, live music, as well as a street dance. “This year we will have all of the above with the addition of armadillo racing, a rock climbing wall, pony rides, marketplace vendors, local musicians, and Neon Prophets closing out the night!” Abbey said.

But at the end of the day when the event is over, the most important thing is that the residents of Justin were brought together to celebrate their community and why they have fallen in love with this city. The City of Justin’s motto is “Everything a Hometown Should Be”, and that most certainly rings true, especially when it comes to their events. “We want for our locals and people nearby to come and enjoy time with friends and family,” Abbey said. It’s safe to say that with Justin Fun Day, that’s exactly what will happen.

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