Writing Dreams into Reality

When Vanessa Sharp gathered her friends and family into a dimly lit room to read from the book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, it didn’t cross her mind that, one day, she herself would be a published author and known as her pen name V.F. Sharp. Vanessa has published two books since her writing journey began: The Prince of Old Vynterra and Curse of the Forbidden Sea. 

Writing wasn’t always at the forefront of Vanessa’s career. For ten years, she was professionally known as a hairstylist in the movie industry. She enjoyed styling hair for extras and main actors in various productions, including Avengers and Lone Survivor. And Vanessa’s path toward writing actually began while she was working in the movie industry.

“I was working in a tv show called Midnight Texas when I had a dream one night that was like no other. Weeks passed, and I just couldn’t get over the dream. I felt like I had entered a Lord of the Rings movie in my sleep. After encouragement from my family, I decided to step out of the movie industry and write my dream into a story.” And just like that, the Forest of Arrows series was born.

Even if it’s just for a moment, giving her readers a sweet escape to an alternate reality – a small adventure to take them away from any sorrows or problems or hardships that their life has brought them – is what makes Vanessa so passionate about storytelling. She understands a reader’s demand for escapism because of her experience fighting an unexpected chronic pain that left her bedridden for over three months. Vanessa distracted herself with writing instead of allowing the condition to consume her.

And although her life was turned upside down in a matter of one week, she has still achieved success as a writer. “I have worked with amazing people, from fantastic editors – who have taught me a great deal about writing – to lovely bookstore owners. One bookstore being owned by George R. R. Martin, called Beastly Books, where I was absolutely honored to get interviewed there as well as having my first and second book placed inside his store”. She has also been asked to co-author books by other authors and said she is honored to be asked to do.

At this point, Vanessa says, writing would be impossible for her to give up. Her passion for storytelling is steadfast. She hopes her stories are read, loved, and shared by future generations, and provide healing and an escape for her readers who are experiencing hardship. “Some of my most heartfelt moments were gifting my book, with an encouraging signature, to others that were struggling with their own health issues,” she said.

“I am passionate about so many things, especially reading and learning the Bible, serving my family and I absolutely love selling my books and other products at different market events! I also enjoy giving back to the kids, by sharing my story to many different schools of all ages, encouraging them to fight for their dreams, just as I did. I also enjoy watching shows of archeology—absolutely fascinating!”

It appears Vanessa has grown a sizable following of loyal fans, too. “The main thing I hear from my readers is that I’m a fighter for trying to publish a book despite my health issues and that they love the world-building in my stories”. Currently, she is hustling to finish the first draft of her next book, The Blood Moon Trials, and get it to her eager readers as soon as possible!

Visit her website to purchase The Prince of Old Vynterra and preorder Curse of the Forbidden Sea.

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