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Steel Rose Band

For many years, singer/actress Amy Parsons and bass player Arthur Hamilton have worked together on projects including musicals she has directed at Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Church and local bands.

When their band Good Therapy, which had played primarily 60s and 70s classic rock, disbanded, Arthur asked her about forming another focused on what they liked – 80s and 90s rock. She convinced her reluctant husband Dave to join her as the lead singer of Steel Rose.

That was two years ago, and the band continues to perform regularly at area music venues plus some private parties.

“I give them a lot of credit not only for giving me the confidence but showing me the way of the rock world so to speak,” Amy said.

For about 20 years, Amy had owned a dance studio before selling it in 2016. Arthur had guided a soccer club for 30 years until 2021. Amy currently works as worship and media director at Trietsch in Flower Mound and does marketing for Steel Rose, while Arthur arranges practices and shows. Dave has taught advanced placement physics at Flower Mound High School for the last 10 years after previously serving at Grapevine and Carrollton Newman Smith.

Rounding out the group is drummer Scott Dockendorf, guitarist Todd Johnston, keyboardist Eric Brown, and sound engineer Mike Beech. The Parsons and Arthur live in Lewisville, Dockendorf, and Johnston reside in Highland Village, Brown in Flower Mound, and Beech in Trophy Club. All are native Texans.

Amy knew Dockendorf from Trietsch, and he knew Brown and Johnston. Dave attended Good Therapy’s gigs and wasn’t afraid to provide constructive criticism when needed, so Amy told him to put his money where his mouth was with Steel Rose.

“Dave told me, ‘I’ve watched you in Good Therapy, and it looked like fun.’” Amy remembered. “So I called Arthur and said ‘Wouldn’t this be weird,’ and he said ‘No.’ It’s great because there are more things we can do. I can’t do Ozzie Osbourne, and he can do that kind of stuff. I can do other stuff.”

Dave previously sang in church but never in a choir or band.

“I just sang to the radio,” Dave said. “That’s the only training I’ve had. When Amy first asked, I said, ‘There’s no way I’m going to sing in front of people.’”

Then Amy reminded him he had performed in musicals she directed including the lead in Jesus Christ Superstar. So she knew he was ready to do so in front of people with a rock band.

“It’s been really cool to be able to do the band with him and spend time doing something fun,” Amy said. “As the only gal in the group, I feel like I’m up on stage with my husband and five of my brothers. It’s a fun, fun group. And we all get along well.

“Dave and I laugh because we are living our lives in reverse. For our 20th anniversary, we got tattoos – I never had a tattoo. And now we’re in a rock band. I’m laughing trying to imagine what kind of shenanigans we’ll get up to when we’re 70.”

Steel Rose averages about 100 people of different generations for each of their three-hour shows which feature 36 songs.

“It’s great to see so many different people enjoying our music,” Amy said. “It’s great people-watching.

“We try not to take ourselves too seriously. For example, we do Sister Christian and Dave and I dance like a middle school dance. We try to find humor where we can and do funsie stuff. Some of our fans have named themselves the Rose Buddies.”

“Our biggest challenge has been coming up with new material,” Arthur said. “Because we’ve got 55-56 songs in our arsenal, and we’re looking for new songs that aren’t as popular to play.”

Upcoming for Steel Rose are shows Sept. 30 at Highland Village’s Awesome Times and Oct. 21 and Nov. 17 at Flower Mound’s Guitars and Growlers. The band is also scheduled to perform on New Year’s Eve at Guitars and Growlers.

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