Empowering Leadership: Kristin Green’s Journey to Serve and Inspire

Kristin Green, a dedicated leader in the vibrant city of Lewisville, shines as a City Councilmember, making a positive impact on her community through her passion for service and her professional expertise in planning and engineering.

Kristin began with a deep desire to contribute to something greater than herself and serve her community. With a professional background in planning and engineering, she focused on land planning, code writing, infrastructure design, and site development. This expertise led her to pursue a seat on the Planning and Zoning Commission, where she recognized the potential to serve her community and create meaningful change.

After years of dedication, Kristin was appointed to the Commission in 2013. Her time in this role nurtured a profound appreciation for the community, motivating her to stay engaged and seek further opportunities to make a difference. Although running for office was not initially her intention, when the time came, she was ready and willing to step up and represent her community.

Kristin has drawn inspiration from the strong women in Lewisville. The city is led by an impressive team of women, and the local business community in Old Town is primarily composed of women entrepreneurs. Their unwavering support, inclusivity, and teamwork have fostered a vibrant spirit within the community, encouraging Kristin to be a part of this empowering network.

For young women aspiring to be leaders, Kristin offers valuable advice. She believes that embracing one’s unique abilities and passions is crucial in finding the right path. Patience and resilience are key, as every experience serves as a stepping stone toward becoming a better leader.

Kristin emphasizes the importance of listening and learning as qualities of a successful leader. Recognizing that multiple perspectives enrich decision-making, she values the participation of others in the process. Moreover, she sees failure as an opportunity for growth and learning, a mindset that propels her forward in her leadership journey.

As a leader balancing professional responsibilities and personal life, Kristin’s stress management technique lies in physical exercise, particularly running. It provides her with mental clarity and helps her face complex challenges with renewed vigor.

In her pursuit of professional goals, Kristin highlights the unwavering support of her family. Her husband Caleb has been her steadfast supporter, enabling her to start her own business and run for office. Her son, Brady, serves as her motivation to actively engage in shaping the community’s future, ultimately leading to her decision to run for office.

Kristin Green’s leadership exemplifies the power of determination, service, and the support of a strong community. As a City Councilmember, she continues to make a lasting impact on Lewisville, inspiring others to embrace their passions and contribute to the greater good. Her leadership philosophy, rooted in inclusivity and learning, fosters a community where collaboration thrives and a brighter future is built together.

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