Because You Matter

It was a typical weekday afternoon, and Jay Marks had just sold a $3.2 million horse farm in Argyle in a matter of a few days. Granted, other realtors have accomplished similar feats, but this transaction was different. The property was on the market with another agent for a year, and the owner was at a tough crossroads.

Jay could have approached this from a purely business mindset — complete with green, cartoon-size dollar signs in his eyes. But he was called in to rescue this deal for way more than his real estate skills.

“Jay showed up as an incredible human being in this emotional, high-stakes, high-dollar family transaction,” an out-of-state realtor said in a Facebook post after referring his client to Jay. “At one point, my friend the seller said to me, ‘You know what Jay said to me today at the end of our phone call? He said, “Wait, one more thing, Katie — you matter to me.”’ Then she hugged me with tears in her eyes and thanked me for bringing Jay into her life.”

Anyone who knows Jay Marks agrees his greatness lies in his humanity — his willingness to be real, vulnerable, loving, and ensure every client knows they matter. It’s the reason why he and his team at Jay Marks Real Estate in Flower Mound sell over 100 homes a year and earn a living off of repeat business and referrals. And it’s why people turn to him regularly for his honest advice, down-to-earth personality, and uncanny ability to connect with people.

For all of those reasons, Jay Marks is more than top of mind. He’s top of heart.
“Recently, I got two calls from people looking for a plumber and one who needed an air conditioning person. I had a realtor call for a referral on a well inspector,” Jay said. “People know we are a resource for anything, whether it’s real estate, taking care of their house, or personal stuff.”

He added, “We want to be the ultimate resource for our customers and friends.”
So, where did Jay learn to be such an amazing human? It all comes down to a humble, blue-collar upbringing.

His late mother, Margaret, was one of the top Tupperware salespeople in America — all before computers, cellphones, and emails. More importantly, she was a great mother and community supporter. Before she died in 1976, Margaret was a singer, actress, piano player, and den mother. She also volunteered at church, Jay’s school, and other community events. His late father, Julius, worked hard to build relationships in every part of town and every profession. He had friends who were garbage men and others who were bank presidents, and he wanted Jay to utilize those same principles in life while also being happy and successful.
Along with both of his parents, there were Jay’s grandmothers. He built a genuinely close relationship with both of them after his mother died, and they taught him how to sacrifice, put others first, and the importance of a good name. He enlisted in the Army and was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. He became an award-winning soldier and instructor at every command he belonged to — he also sold real estate part-time during the last two years of service — until he left the military in 1995.

“What does this all mean to Flower Mound? I’ve faced fear, learned how to jump out of planes in the middle of the night, trained recruits and leaders, and been exposed to some of the bravest, smartest military people,” Jay said. “I’ve also been exposed to the greatness of my grandmothers, both of whom taught me to make a difference in my community. I’ve used all of that to put others first in life, and I’ve done the same thing here in Flower Mound [as a realtor]. I have three new agents that I’ve trained to become smart, capable agents, and people trust us because they like how we make them feel.”

Jay and his team believe in connecting with people at the highest level, providing the best service possible, and building relationships that stand the test of time. Beyond real estate, residents have spent time with Jay at local charity events, enjoyed reading his Foodie Friday articles that hype various local restaurants, and partnered with him and his team on business deals.

When looking for a real estate agent and a friend for life, what more could you want?

“Buying a home can be a lot of fun. Selling a property to move to something different can be an adventure. But moving is awful,” Jay said. “We take a different approach. We always have. We want to make sure people know they matter.”

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