A Community Focus

There is a recurring pattern that plays over and over in the name of modern development and progress. People become weary of concrete and the pace of city life. They sell their home, pack up the kids and grandmom’s china, and move to a suburb or a suburb of a suburb. Life is lovely until more and more people do the same thing and, before too long, another city replaces the previously small town.

It’s called growth. And growth includes more stores, houses, schools, service stations, food markets, churches, and insurance agencies. All that growth requires financing, and financing becomes difficult without a community bank.

This is where financial institutions such as Lamar National Bank become critical. Frequently, it’s the community bank that decides if a town will grow and flourish or become stymied.

Lamar National recognized and appreciated the need for relationship-based banks centered around the communities they serve, such as one of their newer sites in Northlake. Their focus is on local residents and businesses that have a direct, positive impact on the community.

“It’s important for us to identify the need for the loan,” said Clay Baum, Chief Information Office for Lamar National. “We want to issue loans that serve the community, while helping us to earn the trust of our customers.”

Above all, Lamar strives to make banking comfortable for all ages. They’re happy to have people who drop by daily, people who almost exclusively rely on digital, or a combination of both.

“We love our new Hero checking program, which is designed for veterans, first responders, and teachers,” Baum noted. “It’s a special debit card identifying the holder’s line of service.

There is also a strong concern for debit card security, with security enhancements located directly in the mobile banking application.

“We know there will be future growth.” Baum commented. “We’re ready to accommodate it and to do everything in our power to support it. We’re here as a partner to the well-being of the community bank and of our customers and residents.”

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