What’s The Difference Between Education And School?

Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela famously said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” As we grow into the world of adulthood, required schooling ends, but real-life education begins. 

Frequently assisting our customers with the mortgage loan process, we discover how challenging it is for people to ask questions. Why, after years of schooling in a classroom environment, is it so difficult to keep learning? What happens when people do not know what to do or who to ask? In most cases, people freeze, and they do nothing. With homeownership goals the result is a loss of time, waiting until the perfect moment to purchase or learn what to do later? Six months easily turns into six years, then 16 years in a blink of an eye — all that time renting instead of building equity. 

Below are good questions we have received during our monthly virtual homebuyers’ classes that we hold the first Thursday of each month. 

  1. Am I too old to own a home? ABSOLUTELY NOT. We cannot discriminate based on age, and if that were a rule, my 83-year-old mom would not have the equity she has built in the past 20-plus years of owning a home. 
  2. Can I purchase a home as a single mom? YES. Any single person, parent, or otherwise can own a home. We base the decision on credit, income, and the ability to repay. It is not based on anything else. 
  3. Is it difficult to deal with the government to use my VA Benefits to purchase a home? NO. 100% financing and the lender assists with retrieving the certificate of eligibility to determine entitlement. 

Our team welcomes the educational process of lending to help you understand how to build confidence in the investment of real estate and the homeownership process. For more advice do not hesitate to ask, stacylynn@pnlending.com 

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