Tina Henderson: Inspiring Leadership and Community Connection

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Name: Tina Henderson
Position: President of Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce
Tina Henderson, President of the Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce, is driven by a genuine
interest in how these organizations unite cities and communities through business. Her work in
the chamber world spans over 25 years, and her passion for community involvement and
connecting businesses and people became evident during her tenure as a board member of the
Lake Cities Chamber. When the opportunity arose to take on the role of President, Tina gladly
accepted, eager to serve as a catalyst for bringing together businesses and fostering community
Throughout her career, Tina has drawn inspiration from three remarkable women who left a
lasting impact on her life. Thetus Tenney, a speaker at a women’s conference in Tina’s early
motherhood years, encouraged her to be proactive in joining PTAs, volunteering for nonprofits,
and making a difference in her community. Gloria Kennedy, whom Tina worked with in her
thirties, shattered glass ceilings for women and instilled in Tina the belief that nothing was
beyond her reach. Later, Tina found support and guidance from Linda Scott, her boss and
friend, who believed in her potential and pushed her to pursue her dreams.
For young women aspiring to become leaders, Tina says, “Hold on to your dreams, never settle
for mediocrity, and put God first in all endeavors. Integrity stands as a non-negotiable quality for
successful leaders, as it underpins every decision and action. Compassion and staying
grounded are equally important, as they remind leaders of their roots and humanity.”
When stress arises, Tina turns to prayer, finding solace in sharing her worries with God. Family
time with her husband and loved ones holds utmost importance, and Tina emphasizes the value
of being fully present in these moments. While relaxation might not come naturally to her, Tina
has learned to recharge by reading and floating in the pool, embracing moments of tranquility
amidst her busy schedule.
On a personal note, Tina cherishes her marriage to John Henderson and her role as a member
of the Corinth City Council. She is an active participant in Thousand Hills Church and revels in
the joy of having a son and a grandson, with several more loved ones she claims as her own.
Adventure, the great outdoors, and cherished time with friends and family hold a special place in
Tina’s heart, adding richness and fulfillment to her life.
Tina Henderson’s inspiring leadership and commitment to her community stand as a beacon of
inspiration for young women aspiring to make a difference and shape the world around them.
With her integrity, compassion, and dedication to her loved ones, Tina’s impact extends beyond
her professional role, leaving a positive imprint on all who have the privilege of knowing her.

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