The Heart of Her Legacy

The Legacy Group

Finding a realtor that isn’t solely focused on just the sale, but also on what is truly best for you and your family can be such a rare find. That’s one reason why Lori Jacobson, founder of DFW Legacy Group, is so special. She genuinely cares about each and every person she encounters. You may enter as a client, but you’ll leave as a friend. And what’s even more incredible, is she’s now able to work with her daughter to build something truly generational; passing on her compassionate and heartfelt legacy to her daughter, Addi.

Nothing means more to Lori than her family. Everything she does, she does with them in mind. But just like any successful person in business, Lori has felt and seen the struggle of finding balance when it comes to work and family life. All too often with successful entrepreneurs & business leaders, family gets pushed to the side to make room for work and the responsibilities that go along with that. Lori unashamedly admits this has happened in the past; another reason why it’s been so special to have her oldest daughter become a part of DFW Legacy Group. Bringing 22 year old, Addi, into the business has always been a part of Lori’s dream.

If you’re looking for someone that truly cares and is not in it just for the transaction, then call DFW Legacy Group!

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