Bridges of Influence

Premier Nationwide Lending

For Stacy Lynn Schriever with Premier Nationwide Lending, when it comes to the mortgage business, a house is more than just a building. There are families that are going to make these houses home. The entire team at Premier makes families a priority, however, Stacy has a different perspective on family that makes her a truly special business leader for our entire community.

As a little girl, Stacy had a vision of what her life would look like. While she was successful and fulfilled in other aspects of her life, she still wanted to be a mom and have a family. Stacy adopted her daughter Landry, who will be eleven in November, and became a mom at the age of 43. She got married for the first and only time to the love of her life, Ben Sinclair, at the age of 52. “Dreams don’t have expiration dates,” Stacy said.

When it comes to families, there’s no cookie-cutter definition of what a family should look like. Families come in all different shapes, sizes, and visions. Family isn’t so much where you come from as it’s where you belong. “It’s not how we look it’s how we feel and she is absolutely my daughter and Ben was intended to be her Dad.  I always tell her ‘God got you to me as fast as he possibly could,” Stacy said, and Landry feels the same. She once told someone that she was born in 2011 but she was delivered in 2012. “You just have to trust in God’s plan. Even though it’s not always easy,” Stacy said. It was the bridge of trust that brought her the family she dreamt of.

Making the choice to become a single mother at 43 was part of God’s plan for Stacy, however, this choice was not understood by everyone. “The church I was attending at the time was a good church, but they just couldn’t understand why I would adopt a child when I wasn’t married,” Stacy explained. This led her to visit St. Nicholas Church when Landry was almost three years old. From the moment the two walked through the door, they could feel the difference in atmosphere.  They immediately whisked Landry to Children’s Church, leaving Stacy able to worship in the service child-free and prepare for the week ahead. “After the service, I met with Father Mark and he told me that he and his wife Laurel adopted so they understood. I immediately felt like I was home,” Stacy stated. It was the bridge of understanding that brought her to the influence of St. Nicholas church.

Growing up, her parents taught Stacy the great lesson of hard work and making good choices. “My mom and dad said, ‘If you have a plan to get, you had better have a plan to give,” Stacy said. It comes as no surprise that in Stacy’s success as a mortgage professional, she has made the decision to give back through nonprofit organizations as well as providing time and resources to groups such as the Cross Timbers Rotary Club. When it comes to her volunteer work and her commitment to her community, she’s taken the very true stance that you don’t have to lead the fight to help win the war. “None of these things would be possible if they didn’t have members. Being a member matters most,” Stacy stated. It was the bridge of giving that led her to the influence of community service.

So many Flower Mound leaders influenced her journey in the community since the late 1990s.

When people look at Stacy today, it’s easy to say that this extraordinary woman truly has it all. She has an amazing family full of love, she develops a successful business that she continues to grow and protect, and she gives back to her community alongside some of her closest friends. And Stacy really does feel like she has it all. “I like to tell Landry, ‘You can have it all. You just can’t have it all at the same time,” Stacy said.  When it comes to the mortgage business, it is very much like a family made up of all different personalities and perspectives that act as a bridge that connects all their success together. And Stacy certainly knows a thing or two about connecting bridges.

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