Stylin’ at North Texas Truck Accessories

North Texas Truck Accessories

Mike Wills, owner of North Texas Truck Accessories in Lewisville, is a unique combination of qualities and characteristics. First, he fixes things. All kinds of things. Especially vehicular things.

“I’ve had a tax-paying job since I was 15,” he shared. “I was adopted, and my mom worked crazy hours. I couldn’t stay home alone, so I lived with my sister and her husband. He was the one who taught me to fix things.

“I graduated high school and started college, getting a degree in criminal justice. Honestly, the real reason I went to college was because I could. I was actually drifting, but it turned out to be drifting with a purpose.”

Wills shared his talents with a few small companies as an employee, eventually opening his own business in South Carolina. His next step was moving to Texas and opening NTX Truck Accessories in 2018. And that’s when a personal epiphany occurred.

“It seemed I just stopped chasing money the moment I opened those doors,” he revealed. “I began thinking in other directions.

“I decided we’d be open Monday through Friday because I wanted everyone to have family time on weekends. I still have two of my original employees. Caylie is my assistant. She’s part of everything that goes on and pretty much runs the place.

“It’s a great experience for her because, eventually, I want my employees to have their own businesses. Sure, they’ll send me a check but they’ll work for themselves. It will benefit them and their lives, but it also benefits the overall economy. Too many of us forget small business is our economic backbone.”

The people at NTX Truck Accessories stay busy.

“Many people feel their vehicle represents them,” Wills explained, “and thousands of those people prefer to drive a truck. You sit up high and look down at the vehicles around you. A truck represents power, and you want that truck to look the part.

“We do side entry steps and bed covers. We’ll completely re-do interiors to something fancier than what came from the factory. We offer spray bedliners and towing accessories. We frequently say ‘we have it all, from mild to wild.’” It’s true. We do. And everything we sell, all the parts and pieces, is premium quality. That’s one of our strictest rules.

“I’m 42 and extremely blessed. The business has exceeded my expectations to the point that I plan on opening another location this year. The timing just depends on when I find the right spot.”

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