Star Gymnast Ansyn Bracken in the Making

Ansyn Bracken is just 12 and has already brought eight gold medals and many other silvers and bronzes home. This budding gymnast from Bartonville is now a level 7 floor state champion who recently won gold in the USA Gymnastics Texas State Championships. “I didn’t think of the result while I was performing. When I heard my name as the winner, I was excited,” she shared. “I’m thankful to have parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, and friends that support me during training and competitions. I also have amazing coaches that believe in me and are dedicated to helping me improve and stay healthy. My coaches have high standards and push me to do better continuously, even when I don’t think I can. I have a huge support group; it feels great!” The Grapevine Colleyville ISD student enjoys doing gymnastics and practices 28 hours per week along with her studies. Gymnastics is her passion; she is hard-working and confident.

Ansyn was just three when she started the sport, and she’s been competing for four years now. “I want to be a successful collegiate gymnast and maybe even go elite,” she said. The Denton Gymnastics Academy student tried numerous sports and activities from a very early age. She played soccer, basketball, swimming, dance, and gymnastics, and gymnastics was by far her favorite as she found there’s always something new and exciting to learn. “After trying her first gymnastics class, she asked me if we could come back every day,” her mom Jenny recalled. Besides being a charismatic and confident gymnast, Ansyn is humble and empathetic at heart. Gymnastics has helped her evolve as a better person. “It’s essential that Ansyn understands how to be respectful while celebrating her personal achievements while also being supportive of her teammates and being a good friend, her mom said. “I sometimes find myself getting too engrossed in my own to-do list and forget to stop and check in on others around me.

Ansyn is a good reminder that I need to stop and do this more often,” she added. Growing up, Jenny loved watching gymnastics, and now she’s a super proud mom whose daughter is doing so well as a young gymnast. Jenny and her husband leave no stone unturned when it comes to Ansyn’s practice and performance. They’re their daughter’s loudest cheerleaders and her counselors when she needs words of encouragement. Jenny is constantly shuffling her daughter to and from practice, ensuring she eats healthy, rests enough, and does well in school. “We also continuously assess her environment to make sure it’s still a good fit for her health, safety, happiness, and current and future goals,” Jenny said.“Last summer, she was doing a back-hand-spring connection on the beam, misplaced her hands slightly, and ended up fracturing her wrist in two places.

It was her first major gymnastics-related injury and really did a number on her confidence, especially on the beam.After months of mental blocks post-recovery regression, we thought she might have to scratch the beam throughout the season, but she ended up taking first place on the beam at her season opener meet, also earning her career’s high beam score. I think it was her way of saying, “take that beam!” It was truly a proud mamma moment, and I know she was very proud of herself.”Dad William has always been proud of Ansyn’s accomplishments. “I enjoy watching her improve and grow in her skills. I try to keep things light and make competition fun for her,” he said.

Ansyn is popular in her friends’ circle for her good pep talks. She loves hanging out with her family, friends, and dog Echo. Her hobbies include photography, crafts, swimming, interior design, experimenting with technology, babysitting, etc. Ansyn’s 10-year-old sister Ellie also used to train and compete in artistic gymnastics but has recently transitioned to trampoline and tumbling, a different USAG tract. Ellie also rides horses. Ansyn’s new goal for upcoming seasons is to get a 38.5 all around, and we will be cheering forher with lots of love and good wishes.

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