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407 Gun Club

What would prompt someone to not just build a state-of-the-art gun range in Argyle but to also make it a project straight from the heart?

The desire was to create a unique gun range with safety in mind, family-friendly, and designed to accommodate disabled guests.

407 Gun Club opened in July of 2017, with continuing improvements and modifications to the range since then, along with the construction of a pro shop/lodge.  The facility exceeds standard range guidelines.  Unlike the average, concrete-style range, the 407 design was intended to incorporate a personalized, luxurious experience within an atmosphere of privacy. The unique design minimizes exposure to other guests by partitioning the lanes into five separate bays, featuring magnetic locking doors, sound-attenuating fireproof insulation, camera systems to ensure safety, and a rustic lodge atmosphere.

Matt Opel, general manager of 407, has been on board since the beginning of the project, even lending a now-and-then hand in the actual building process.

“Our plan was always to be a membership club,” Opel said. “We started selling memberships in 2019 and became members-only in 2020. We are starting our third year with approximately 1,000 members. A new guest is allowed one visit before requiring a membership. This gives them a chance to decide if they enjoy our facility, and it gives us a chance to evaluate them as well.”

Benefits of being a member include the ability to reserve lanes online, reservation and merchandise discounts, guest passes, and use of the lodge’s amenities. Memberships range from $10 a month to upwards of $1000 depending on individual needs, such as including a family member and corporate options.

“We rarely need to call the range ‘cold’ (no shooting) since all of the lanes are equipped with a target carrier system and/or a camera system to view or replace the targets,” Opel added.

“We have two fixed target 100-yard lanes that feature a camera system downrange that links up to a tablet at the shooting bench, each in its own private room. Everything is climate-controlled, and we have bullet-proof glass for additional safety. Doors are magnetically locked so no one can just walk in on a shooter. We can also black out the lights for night vision and thermal optics, and we have an archery range outside with both bag and 3D targets out to 70-yards.

“We have the necessary licenses to sell firearms and facilitate transfers to our customers. This includes the most common calibers of ammunition in stock, along with merchandise and common range accessories.  We continue expanding our services.

“We offer a wide variety of classes starting at entry level all the way to advanced. We offer firearm safety, license to carry, medical, and classes for teachers, with new classes constantly in the works. These are available to members as well as to the public.  We strive to be here for the community, with an emphasis on veterans and disabled guests. All our RSOs (Range Safety Officers) are knowledgeable veterans.

“There are no plans to build multiple locations. Instead, we are focused on constantly improving and innovating our current facility to exceed our guests’ needs.  Plans include a future banquet hall and indoor archery range, a 25-yard tactical range to facilitate advanced training, and an additional twelve dedicated pistol lanes.”

The 407 Gun Club strives to add convenience services for its guests, such as selling Texas Hunting and Fishing Licenses with a seasonal Hunter Membership that allows hunters to make sure their firearms are zeroed and able to bring home that trophy mount.  The Club hosts a biannual community event called Party on the Patio that features live music, a food truck, bounce house, outdoor games, raffles, and more.

The 407 owner has a self-imposed commitment to veterans, LEO, & First Responders to serve them through the gun range. He uses his personal assets to support events and organizations across the state and donates the facility to non-profit groups such as Tribute to Valor.

The club is frequented by the local community as well as guests that drive upwards of two hours to enjoy this unique range and friendly staff.  There is a pronounced sense of pride at the 407 Gun Club, where serving guests from around the world is considered a privilege.

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