Decades Later, Still True to their Roots

Adam’s Furnature

How many times have you walked into a big-box furniture store and noticed that the service is impersonal, and the merchandise is similar to what’s in all the other big-box stores? Then, if you happen to find a piece, it only comes in one fabric or finish. And how about having to assemble the furniture? If this sounds like your shopping history, you’ve never seen the quality furniture at Adams Furniture in Justin, a household name with locals in Justin, Argyle, Robson Ranch, and the surrounding Denton County communities.

It all started in 1929 with Adams Cash Supply, a family-owned general store in Justin that also sold some furniture. Decades later, in 1969, Jim Smith worked there while in high school, and felt that being employed for a respectable family-owned business was a positive learning experience. So much so, that he bought the store in 1982, and has been in business ever since. Out of respect for the history of this local business, Jim didn’t change the store’s name.

“Adams Furniture has been operated by only two owners in 93 years, and 40 of those have been with Jim as owner,” Store Manager Eddie Romine proudly pointed out. “I myself have been with the store for 25 years, and my brother, Jon, has been employed here for 18. We have 95-plus years of furniture experience between the three of us.”

This store can satisfy all your furniture needs for every room in your home, along with accent décor, and mattress sets by Serta that are suited for the store’s comfortable, yet sumptuous beds. “We offer a diversity of custom order furniture styles, wood stains, furniture frames, and designer fabrics to choose from,” Eddie explained. “No cookie-cutter styles here, we stock 1,000-plus fabric options for upholstery! Our 10,000-square-foot showroom is jam-packed with lots of beautiful in-stock merchandise ready to be delivered now, so you have that option. Another one of our features is that we provide full-service delivery and in-home setup, using our crew who deliver with care and leave your room or home looking great. No third-party delivery service for our customers.”

Another source of pride is that 80 to 85 percent of their merchandise is American made, with manufacturers located in Texarkana and Dallas, Texas, Fort Smith, Arkansas, and Ferdinand, Indiana. Even their oak, maple, and cherry hardwoods are domestic. “We have the largest diversity of American-made furniture in the DFW area,” Eddie proudly announced. “Buying American-made goods helps keep Americans working and stimulates the American economy.”

What’s more, lead times for custom-designed orders have returned to normalcy at 6-10 weeks, rather than up to a year during the height of the pandemic.

The staff at Adams is extremely knowledgeable about furniture, they know the store’s merchandise inside and out, while impeccable customer service is and always has been a top priority. The atmosphere throughout the store is laid back and friendly, so shoppers can browse and ask questions without feeling pressured. “Walk into Adams Furniture as a customer, and you leave as a friend,” Eddie said with confidence and a smile. “Folks of all ages come in, but most of our clientele are in their 30s and up, when at some time in their lives they’ve been down the road of buying cheap. They’ve come to realize that low-quality furniture just won’t hold up.” The store also has a loyal generational customer base, with some visiting the showroom because their grandparents told them not to shop anywhere else!

As with Jim Smith years before him, Eddie began working at Adams as a teenager. “Jim was my role model, guiding me to become more mature, to treat people with respect, and to understand business ethics,” he reflected. Jim and I both earned business degrees from the University of North Texas (UNT), and my wife is also an alumna.”

Fast forward to today, Eddie has been a resident of Argyle for eight years with his wife Jaclyn and children: son Reece (8th grade), daughter Brooklyn (6th grade), and daughter Ava (3rd grade). “When I’m not at the store, Jaclyn and I enjoy volunteering our time coaching Argyle’s youth through Argyle Youth Sports Association (AYSA).”

Adams Furniture is truly a one-stop shop for your home furnishings and décor, with a long history of satisfying customers. Eddie summed it up by saying, “Our focus is to keep true to our roots, and to continue providing high-quality American-made furniture with exceptional customer service.”

“Customers, mention ‘GO EAGLES’ for a special discount on your furniture purchase!”

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