3 Steps to Creating Bliss in Your Home

It’s very difficult for people to see the great stuff that you own when there is too much of it! Whether staging your home to sell or redesigning rooms for yourself, the maxim less is more almost always applies!
Getting rid of extra stuff is not as hard as it seems. In fact, there are plenty of places that would love to have it and will give you money for it! What? Yes! The Internet makes this very easy for you, as well as local consignment shops of all varieties.
Here is my three-step process for finding good homes for your excess belongings while being very Green in the process:
1. First, grab three large plastic bins and two trash bags.

2. Label bin one as Goodwill, bin two as Resell using Social media, Craigslist, Ebay, or Consignment (whichever is easiest for you to use). Label bin 3 as Storage. Label trash bag one as recycled trash (magazines, dog-eared books, glass, etc.) and trash bag two as trash.
I think by now you are getting the picture.

3. Now go through the room and ask yourself these three critical questions: 1. Do I love this item? 2. Do I use this item? 3. Does this item fit the style or vision I am trying to create? If the item does not meet at least TWO of those qualifications, place it in its most appropriate bin. For those items that you “only love” or ”only use once yearly,” consider placing them in storage as they don’t fit regular use and probably won’t be needed to stage your home.
Tip: If you’re finding quite a few items in your storage bin, that’s okay since it’s hard to let go, and it’s okay to simply store those items to unpack later.

Craigslist.com, ebay.com, and your various local consignment stores would be happy to sell your more valuable but needless items for you. A garage sale takes time and energy while these online options are fairly painless and most efficient! Consider simply giving those items to those who need them. Craigslist even has a fun, free section where you can place stuff you don’t want for free, and believe me, someone will pick it up at your house shortly. Amvets has an easy pick up service for most states where you can leave your stuff out front and they will pick it up. Simply go to: http://www.amvetsnsf.org/stores.html for your local pick-up phone number. Goodwill is another favorite because it uses all your stuff to create jobs for people in your area.
Dispose of all electronics properly by calling your city for recycling directives.

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