Work Like a Tortoise, Not a Hare

Serve Denton

Serve Denton has been named 2023’s Non-Profit of the Year! Their valuable network of nonprofits makes needed support accessible to anyone. Serve Denton’s outstanding contributions to the community have made a priceless impact on those in need of various support branches.

Mayor Elinor Hughes initially proposed the concept of Serve Denton in 1976. But without proper funding, the idea remained just that– an idea. Until 2001, when the Denton Assistance Center, a group of community leaders inspired by Elinor, attempted to resurrect the idea. However, they were also tethered by a lack of funds and unable to find a convenient location within their budget. A decade later, Elinor’s vision was once again revived when Denton Bible Church (DBC) offered its excess property to the remaining members of the Denton Assistance Center. On February 9, 2012, a new board of directors began operations, and, finally, Serve Denton had a steady pulse.

There are currently two properties at which Serve Denton’s nonprofit office complexes operate and provide nonprofits with quality space at a reduced cost. By renting out these spaces, Serve Denton helps more individuals and families become self-sufficient.

Serve Denton’s support services cover what you would expect from any non-profit: food distribution, medical care, and education. However, its mission goes deeper than simply applying a Band-Aid on people whose issues are deep-rooted by trauma and instability. By adopting a long-term systems way of thinking, and its “The right process will produce the right results” philosophy, Serve Denton shows people how to champion their hurdles and liberate themselves from dangerous cycles.

Refuge for Women, a notable nonprofit within the women’s support services, is a 3-phase aftercare program for the trafficked and sexually exploited. Serving Denton’s women’s support also includes a pregnancy resource center and a human trafficking coalition, both of which provide resources, education, and love to women actively seeking guidance.

There is also a department dedicated to the children and youth of North Texas at Serve Denton. The Children’s Advocacy Center for North Texas is a nonprofit empowering victims of child abuse by educating their families and creating awareness among the community.

Serve Denton also has mental health services that offer counseling and group therapy. Ranch Hand’s Rescue describes itself as a sanctuary for severely traumatized sexually abused children, battered women, victims of human trafficking, and veterans. It uses equine and animal-assisted counseling to restore hope and healing, regardless of the ability to pay. Veterans with substance abuse and mental health concerns are encouraged to register for Recovery Resource Council’s free behavioral health management services and outpatient programs.

Serve Denton takes the word nonprofit to a new level by reinventing the wheels needed to brace the healing journey. Both clients and nonprofits benefit from Serve Denton because it is easy finding help and providing it. Congratulations, Serve Denton and the nonprofit partners, your recognition is well deserved!

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