Woman’s Wellness: Love Your Skin

Are you absolutely, positively in love with your skin? As women, healthy and glowing skin is essential when it comes to our self-confidence and overall wellness. At Murray Media Group, we realize this important fact and it’s why we’ve composed a list of tips and tricks that are going to help you achieve skin that you love to be in.

1 ALWAYS Wear Sunscreen

Sun damage is a very real and serious issue that we usually don’t notice until it’s too late. The damage can be health related or cosmetic related. Either way, no one enjoys those repercussions. So always take the extra few seconds to apply a quality sunscreen before you walk out the door.

2 Layer Products from Thinnest to Thickest  

Believe it or not there really is a right way to apply your skin products. Did you know that the correct order to apply your products is from your thinnest product in consistency to the thickest? It’s the most ideal scenario for prime absorption of the products into you skin.

3 Remember to Remove Your Makeup

One of the fastest and most sure-fire ways to get clear and healthy skin is to remember to remove your makeup every night before bed. Even just the smallest amount of makeup left on your skin over night can cause breakouts and are difficult to get rid of.

4 Get Enough Sleep

Making sure that you are well rested is such an incredibly important part of a healthy skin care routine. Believe it or not, rest can affect your skin in many different ways. If you’re a person that wants healthy skin but have trouble falling asleep, try using a product that includes melatonin.

5 Exfoliate

Don’t forget the very important step of gently exfoliating. It’s recommended to exfoliate your skin twice a week for the most optimum results. Using an exfoliant with a chemical element such as lactic acid is the perfect combination for glowing and healthy skin.

6 Use Non-Foaming Cleansers

So many people fall in love with high-foaming cleansers. However, they don’t realize that they aren’t the most ideal choice for your skin. High-foaming cleansers can dry out your skin and leave it extremely tight. Try using a light-foaming or non-foaming cleanser and you’ll be sure to see the difference in your skin.

7 Use a Silk Pillow

Were you aware that your pillow could effect your skin? It can! Sleeping on a silk pillow can actually help your skin retain moisture seeing as it absorbs less moisture than cotton pillow cases which, in turn, helps prevent and soften wrinkles.

8 Treat Your Neck with Care

Do you treat your neck as an extension of your face when it comes to your skin care routine? If not, you most definitely should be. It’s important to not treat your neck as an afterthought. Apply your products below the chin as well. No one wants a glowing face and a not so glamorous neck.

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