What’s in a Number?

Numbers become seriously important when they’re emblazoned on the back of athletic jerseys. Ask mom, Robbie, and dad, Brian Page, what the numbers 33 and 24 mean to them.

“Number 33 was on our son Reagan’s football jersey in Argyle High School, and number 24 belonged to our younger son Riley,” Robbie explained. “Reagan is now 25 and Riley is 18.

“We cheered for those numbers at every game for a total of eight years. And we yelled even louder when the boys became the first brothers in Argyle to each win a football State Championship. They were the first, and they remain, the only brothers with that achievement. Reagan’s Championship was in
2013, and Riley’s was in 2020.”

Both Robbie and Brian were competitive athletes during their earlier years, and they were more than pleased when both boys followed the same path. “I played basketball and graduated from Texas A & M,” Robbie recalled, “and Brian was an awesome quarterback.”

“Playing sports meant everything to me when I was a kid,” Brian confessed. “I grew up in Pilot Point and played mostly football. I always hoped my boys would be drawn to sports and I felt blessed when they were.”

The Pages devoted a lot of thought to their lifestyle dynamics and, in 2003, decided they wanted to relocate to a place where elements such as church and a sense of community were valued. They investigated and settled on a house and acreage in Argyle. “2003 was the first year for a graduating class at Argyle High School,” Brian said. “We watched the sports program evolve and develop at the school, which was exciting for sports-minded parents such as ourselves.”

“We always felt it was also interesting that Riley was a receiver and Reagan was a lineman,” Robbie noted.

“Regardless of the school and regardless of the program, a huge share of the credit for success (or otherwise) goes to the coach and his staff. Coach Todd Rogers provided the best mentoring our boys could ever receive.”

Both Reagan and Riley left high school in a blaze of glory. Reagan once again followed in his parents’ footsteps. Both Robbie and Brian are entrepreneurs at heart. Robbie has been involved in the health and wellness industry for more than a decade, focused on anything that “advances the core of a woman.” With Brian’s total support, she’s about to enter a new chapter that combines her focus with their entrepreneurial skills.

“Reagan wanted to set his own entrepreneurship path,” Robbie Revealed. “He decided against college and, instead, started making his own way in the mortgage business. He also got married in July 2021. He’s doing quite well in both mortgage and marriage, and we couldn’t be happier.
“Riley is heading for Oklahoma for college. He’s made the decision to focus on academics without the athletics.”

As we all know, COVID hit in 2020. School was canceled, and there was talk of scuttling the football season – the season of Riley’s State Championship game.
Robbie is a firm believer in the power of prayer. At first, when she heard the football season was in danger, she was confused.

“Wait a minute,” she said. “During one of the times I was praying for the boys, I received the distinct impression that Riley’s team would win the State Championship. That meant the season couldn’t be canceled. I started telling everyone not to worry. Everything would be fine.”

Well, as things turned out, Robbie had the correct inside scoop. The season was not canceled and #24 won the State Championship seven years after #33 had his spotlight moment.
There was one other thing she was “told.” That was, “The boys’ accomplishment would be featured in a magazine,” she said with obvious delight.

So, whenever you’re deciding what to believe and what not to believe, just remember that old piece of advice that says to “consider the source.” Robbie obviously has a very reliable source.

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