What’s Good For Both Your Health & Love Life?

Valentine’s Day is in around the corner. What do you give to the one you love?  A box of candy? A beautiful floral arrangement? We have a suggestion for something else to consider — working out together. Time after time, studies have shown that working out and getting fit together is good for your relationship.

At Jesse James Fit & Outlaw FitCamp, we’ve seen and experienced the concrete benefits of getting fit with a loved one. And because we are committed to making lasting improvements in the lives of our clients, we put our money where our mouth is.

Just a few of the benefits of working out together include:

Sharing a Goal Brings You Closer
When you work out as a couple, you’re getting healthy and prioritizing fitness together. The experience of working together toward this goal brings you closer.

A Partner Holds You Accountable
People who are held accountable for their workout routine are more likely to be successful. On the other hand, when you’re on your own, you’re much more likely to skip workouts. A partner joining you on workouts increases your chances of sticking to your plan on those days.

Trying Something New Strengthens Your Relationship
Trying something new together brings closeness to a relationship. Using a personal trainer and learning new workouts together will help a couple feel more connected.

Workout Sessions Give You Guaranteed Quality Time
Life, jobs, and kids get in the way of even the most determined couple. But if you make time in your day to exercise and start doing it together, it gives you some built-in quality time during the day.

Workouts Give You Both a Place to Blow Off Steam
Having a “gym date” where you can blow off steam during a workout will not only help control your stress level, but will keep your partner from being the target of a bad day.

Work Out Together at Jesse James Fit or Outlaw FitCamp at No Additional Cost!

At Jesse James Fit & Outlaw FitCamp, we’ve seen the long-term benefits to our clients when spouses get fit together, and that’s why we want to make it as easy as possible to do this.

To help you take advantage of our offer of having a partner work out for the same price as one, we extend this to any significant other—spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, parent/child—your chosen significant other can work out with you at no increased cost.

Call us today for details!

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