When it comes to patio & outdoor living, the current trend is very much a less-is-more philosophy. Sure, every now and then you’ll get something different, but for the most part, we’re being asked to keep things light, open, functional, and not overdone.

When it comes to landscape projects, our team uses a variety of materials to leave things looking more interesting with less. For example, we may only use 20 plants where we once would use 50, but we would incorporate small rocks, steel features, colorful pots, and possibly even a wood feature to mix things up.

The same can be said for patio and outdoor living projects. Again, less is more. This includes using simpler floor finishes, less busy patterns, and more natural pavers. We also enjoy introducing larger veneers to vertical structures like counters and bars, then going with a low maintenance countertop when possible versus natural stones or granite. Also, we’ve experimented with different wood plank materials and stain colors to keep things light and open up underneath the structures.

Slowing down all the busy patterns results in a calm, larger space in most cases. Granted, everyone’s got their own style, and that’s really the great thing about this industry. But it’s up to the designers to listen, create, recommend, and construct the perfect space – no matter how big or small.

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photos courtesy of Complete Solutions

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