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Welcome to 2023

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Congratulations, we made it! WELCOME TO 2023!!!
Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year’s *insert check mark* Time to take a quick breath and break out those New Years’ to-do lists.

Projects can be exciting & enjoyed for years to come, but remember, “Good work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t good.” Hiring legitimate, local contractors with solid portfolios will protect your investments and give yourself peace of mind – ensuring your time and money are well spent. We all know a bad experience can take all the fun out of whatever you’re doing, and no one likes to spend twice just to have something done right once.

2022 was filled with ups and downs, good times and bad, but for the most part, in the patio & outdoor living industry, life was good. The market seems to be filled with plenty of work that spurred a lot of startups. Anyone that ever thought about going out on their own did great, right? Not really, because although we like the entrepreneurial spirit, what we’re seeing now is a lack of experience equaling poor quality, startups running out of money, leaving jobs incomplete & an overall lack of accountability for clients to be able to hold these new companies too. We’d like to remind folks as you start to assess priorities this year. Make sure to do your part to ensure you’re checking into local contractor options, looking at portfolios, and talking to previous clients. It’s way too easy to fall for that lesser price or quicker turn time. If you’ve got to wait a few extra weeks for a quality contractor, they are probably worth it!

Complete Exterior Solutions wishes everyone a Healthy & Happy 2023!

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