Foodie Friday – Walter’s Tavern

Walter’s Tavern

Rumors of this unique, hidden gem in Lake Dallas have been floating around for a couple of years. Owned and operated by a highly-experienced chef who creates and serves some of the most delicious food in the area, they call this magical place Walter’s Tavern!

While it may look unassuming on the outside, Walter’s Tavern has come to play… with their food! We’d argue it can compete with some of the best steakhouses and restaurants in Dallas-Fort Worth. Chef Chris Walter has been cooking for over 40 years and has mastered the art of seasonal American food. While their menu offers staples you’ll enjoy year-round, there is also a portion of the menu that Chef changes up every two weeks to incorporate seasonal flavors and ingredients.

Since we’d argue that Walter’s Tavern could compete with some of the best steakhouses in town, why not start our menu tour with their Filet Mignon? An 8-ounce filet is seared, finished in the oven, and topped with a brilliant blue cheese butter sauce, red flame grapes, and tomatoes. We’ve never had anything quite like it before, and you’ve got to come here to try it.
Another of Chef’s specialties is the Blackened Seared Norwegian Salmon, reportedly a fan favorite of several Dallas Stars players. It comes topped with a white wine sauce and shrimp and served with mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables.

When it comes to appetizers, if they’re on the menu, you’ll want to start with the Lobster Lollipops, which are lobster tails fried in a Shiner Bock batter and served with drawn butter and a tartar sauce.
An appetizer on Walter’s Tavern menu that is also an unofficial dessert item is the Brie Cheese. These are beer-battered brie cheese bites drizzled with a raspberry sauce. Let’sjust say, I love a good filet, but these might have been my favorite dish of the day. They are, mwah, chef’s kiss!

On the actual dessert menu, you’ll find classic options like creme brulee, tiramisu, and key lime pie. But they always have a delicious selection of cheesecakes, too, so ask your server which flavors they have during your visit!
Chef Chris Walter’s food has put him on the map over his 40-year career, and we can’t wait to help him enjoy even more notoriety here in Denton County. If you haven’t been to this hidden gem in Lake Dallas, get there immediately, either on a date or with the whole family. We promise you’ll want to keep coming back to see what new, seasonal items Chef Chris continues to change up on his menu.

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