Walking In A Dental Wonderland

One of the perks of living in the Lantana area is having the opportunity to confidently choose from the best healthcare providers around. When it comes to dental care, it only takes a quick inquiry from your neighbor to learn that Dr. Matt Artho and his team at Country Lakes Family Dental have a reputation of exceeding expectations.

That’s because, from Day 1, Dr. Matt put in place his vision of a neighborhood dental practice that provides the latest in dental treatments and state-of-the-art technology. More importantly, he created a one-stop dental practice that provides a welcoming, comfortable experience for the entire family.

Being that this is the holiday season, dare we say that it is this all-encompassing experience that truly makes Country Lakes Family Dental a “Dental Wonderland!”

Those who personally know Dr. Matt and his qualifications also know of his remarkable background.

YCM 7736Originally a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Dr. Matt sought a field that fulfilled his desire for a more personal, service-related vocation.  What followed was a path that included an enlistment in the Texas Army National Guard, graduating from Texas A&M College of Dentistry, completion of an Advanced in General Dentistry residency, and receiving the honor as a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. Additionally, his honors include being DFW Mom Approved and Best of Denton County eight years in a row!  A new and welcome addition to the team, Country Lakes Dental recently brought on Dr. Lauren Smits, whose notable qualifications are only matched with her charm.  A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Lauren received her dental degree from Indiana University of Dental School.  In par with their focus on family, Dr. Lauren is a wife of 10 years with three kids, and Dr. Matt is 18 years married with 9 children!

In addition to boasting an experienced background, a key mission for Dr. Matt and his growing team at Country Lakes Family Dental is to consistently stay on top of the latest dental techniques and technology.

“Digital technology is becoming more and more prevalent in dentistry, but this has been the standard for this practice since the beginning.”  He explained with 3D printing, the practice features only digital impressions without “goopy” material. Regarding digital x-rays, he states, “Digital radiography is not only safer, but 3D scanning allows us to take an in-depth analysis for many treatments. For instance, the placement of dental implants, detecting canals for root canal therapy, and preplanning orthodontic or Invisalign treatment.”

Both Dr. Matt and Dr. Lauren also have proficiency in utilizing technology for same-day cosmetic treatments like crowns or veneers.  Their latest equipment includes a dental laser that not only allows for certain gum, lip and tongue tie surgeries but is able to complete fillings without anesthesia; a bonus, especially for their pediatric population. As Dr. Lauren reinforced, “We love seeing patients of all ages, and the technology makes it so much easier for our patients — especially for our kids.”

Between proficiency and equipment, the team at Country Lakes Dental is also very apt in staying current with trending dental topics. This is particularly important since patients routinely ask a variety of questions — from types of toothpastes and toothbrushes to novel and changing dental treatments.  For instance, Dr. Lauren states, “Toothpastes can come with different types of fluoride or abrasives that can have varying effects on your teeth. We can help patients decide what works best for their needs.”

Both Dr. Matt and Dr. Lauren also mentioned new considerations on mouth rinses and flossing devices. When it comes to dental procedures, certain dental marketing promotions often do not describe the entirety of the procedures. Dr. Matt and Dr. Lauren make it a priority to thoroughly explain all treatment details and educate patients by showing them their x-rays, photos, digital simulations, and treatment timelines. Dr. Matt elaborates, “Staying on top of dental technology and treatment give us the opportunity to practice across a broad spectrum from preventative and conservative care to advanced cosmetic and restorative treatment.” The office also thrives to stay innovative on making dental care affordable, including an in-house insurance plan that rivals many dental insurance plans.

Dr. Matt also takes helping his community to heart. He and his team have become reliable sponsors to local Lantana groups including the Lantana Wildcats, Lantana Lightning, the Lantana schools and PTAs, as well as donors to local charities including the Lantana Ladies League and Mission Moms. Dr. Matt retains a continued focus on organizations like Grace Like Rain that help support families facing domestic issues and Ranch Hands Rescue, which gives support to children, animals, and veterans in need.  Dr. Matt and his wife recently received recognition by Ranch Hands Rescue as honorees of the Ignite Hope Award.

With so much to offer, it is no wonder this award-winning practice continues to be highly recommended for just about anything. Include the incredibly friendly and feel-at-home atmosphere, the hospitality of Country Lakes Family Dental is icing on the cake. A visit to this comprehensive dental practice is truly a walk through a “dental wonderland!”

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