Uniquely Styled, Uniquely You

As a woman, have you ever felt lost? Like your identity has been left behind somewhere and you’re left trying to hold yourself together while you try to find it? Maybe it’s a southern thing, but have you ever noticed that when you’re having a bad day, if you pick yourself up and do something for yourself, you automatically feel so much better. Even if it’s just getting dressed for the day, or adding a cute accessory to your ensemble; our outer appearance can have a huge effect on how we view and feel about ourselves. Leah Johnson knows this all too well, which is what led her to create her very own jewelry designing business, LJ Artisan Designs. 

For a long time, Leah was a stay-at-home mom of 4 young kids, the two youngest being twins. Even though Leah knew that at the end of the day she would be covered in spit-up and peanut butter and jelly, she still made the effort to get ready for the day. “One day, my husband asked me, ‘Why do you put yourself together and put on jewelry if you’re just going to be home with the kids?’ I knew his question didn’t come from bad intentions. He was genuinely trying to understand why I would take the time to put myself together when I may not even leave the house,” Leah said. “But it was important to me that I still felt like a woman with style, even if no one but my kids were going to see me.”

When life gets hectic, it’s so easy to lose ourselves; to feel invisible to the world. It’s especially easy to feel this way when you have a servant’s heart and are constantly pouring into others. This is exactly why LJ Artisan Designs exists. “I create jewelry for women who refuse to be invisible,” Leah said. “I create jewelry for the women that want to feel pretty; that want to feel worth it.”

The overall hope of Leah’s business is that each woman who wears these beautiful custom pieces will be reminded that they still have a vibrant, unique, and stylish soul that is just waiting to be rediscovered. When you’re lost, LJ Artisan Designs helps you find your way back to yourself. 

However, Leah and LJ Artisan Designs don’t just strive to impact the confidence in women, they also make great strides with every purchase to impact the community. “Ten percent of every purchase is donated to a local nonprofit organization that is working hard to improve the lives of people in need,” Leah explained. Our Daily Bread, United Way of Denton County, CASA of Denton County, Denton County Friends of the Family, and Children’s Advocacy Center for North Texas are just a few of the amazing nonprofits that LJ Artisan Designs has been privileged to contribute to. When you purchase your unique piece, you’re not only impacting your life but others’ lives as well.

Each and every piece that LJ Artisan Designs create is a unique and one-of-a-kind statement. “I love taking something utilitarian like sheet metal or wire and making something beautiful with it that you will love to wear as a piece of art,” Leah said. 

As a woman, we are often giving away a piece of ourselves to those around us that we love the most. That’s why it’s essential that we take the time for love and self-care. It doesn’t matter if at the end of the day you’re hair that you took the time to curl will be in a messy bun, or the mascara you so carefully applied ends up smudged. It’s important to find a way to find yourself when life loses your shine. With LJ Artisan Designs you’ll always be uniquely styled and uniquely you.

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