Tribute To Mayor Steve Dixon

As Mayor Steve Dixon nears the end of his three-year term as the mayor of Flower Mound, Murray Media Group would like to thank him for his many years of public service and leadership to our community. 

Mayor Dixon issued a statement in February, announcing his decision to not seek re-election. He stated he was leaving to focus on other projects, as well as spend more time with his wife, Amanda, and two daughters, Amber and Lauren, both of whom will be graduating from college in May.

“If 2020 has had a silver lining for many of us, it is that we’ve been able to spend more time as a family, something I’ve not been able to do as much as I’d like,” he said. 

Prior to his mayorship, Mayor Dixon served on Flower Mound Town Council from 2009 to 2011 in Place 1. He took a one-year hiatus before being elected to serve two consecutive two-year terms on town council in Place 4 from 2012 to 2016. He also served on the Flower Mound Planning and Zoning Commission from 2004 until 2009. Furthermore, he served on many town committees, including the SMARTGrowth Commission, Economic Development Advisory Committee, Citizens Budget Partners Committee, and Capital Improvement Advisory Committee. 

Mayor Dixon previously served on the Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors, as well as represented the town as a Chamber ambassador. He remains actively involved in the Flower Mound business community. 

Outside of the public service arena, Mayor Dixon is the Vice President of the Mortgage Loan Division at American National Bank here in Flower Mound. It is without a doubt that Mayor Dixon strives to help others. His many years of public service and professional career path serve as testament that he is passionate about improving the lives of those around him.

Before getting elected as mayor, Mayor Dixon ran on the platform of keeping and protecting Flower Mound’s rural atmosphere while helping it grow economically. While it is not an easy balance to achieve, Mayor Dixon has stayed true to his values when discussing potential and future development within Flower Mound.

Another one of his priorities that he stated during his mayoral campaign was lowering property taxes to ease the tax burden on residents. Mayor Dixon was serving on the 2014 town council that lowered the tax rate to the lowest rate that it had been in 30 years. His goal came to fruition when town council voted to lower the 2019-2020 tax rate, taking it from 0.439 per $100 in assessed valuation down to 0.4365. It has remained there ever since.

Mayor Dixon has stated that the next mayor of Flower Mound will have to focus on managing growth on the town’s western and southern corridors, investing in infrastructure, and maintaining a strong local economy. “Without a doubt, we need a mayoral candidate up to the challenge of providing sound guidance and reasoning to the Council,” he writes. “One with a broad perspective that will consider all stakeholders in each decision and work to see measures passed that make
sense for the entire community.”

While we are certain that we will continue to see Mayor Dixon active in the community, we would like to thank him for his commitment to enhancing the quality of life in Flower Mound and preserving the aspects that make this town so unique. Many residents value the scenic corridors, vistas, and open space around the town, and it speaks volumes when local leaders share the same values for the community and uphold them as they serve in their respective roles.

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