Top Landscaping and Gardening Trends of 2022

Trend 1: Include more Tropical Plants

With the pandemic, traveling has become more of a dream than a reality. Because of this, it’s become a popular landscaping and gardening trend to incorporate more tropical plants into their outdoor oasis. Even if you can’t travel to your favorite holiday location, you can still enjoy its tropical beauty from the comfort of your own home.

Trend 2: Bringing your Indoor Sanctuary to Your Outdoor Space

With everyone spending so much more time at home in the last few years, gardeners and landscapers have realized that the lines between our indoor and outdoor spaces have become easily blurred. And we’re all more than okay with that! When you stop limiting your creative designs to what fits the normal status of the home, you often are left with something that is more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

Trend 3: Designing with Dark Foliage

A great landscaping and gardening trend to make your outdoor space stand out against a crowd is by using dark foliage. Plants with bright and vibrant colors already make a statement on their own, but if you really want your oasis to pop, the best way to do that is by adding in some darker foliage to enhance and complement those brighter colors.

Trend 4: Maximize Balconies and Porches

Not everyone is going to have a large, wide-open space to decorate with beautiful gardens and landscapes. Being able to make the most out of any space you have is essential in any outdoor venue. You can use large pots that can handle many different types of plants, or even hanging plants to display your beautiful foliage. Beautiful landscapes and gardens can come in all different shapes and sizes.

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