The Star of Oral Surgery

Any type of dental office can be a very scary place for many people. It’s a fear that’s growing more and more common every single day. At DFW Oral Surgeons, Dr. John Shillingburg and his entire team strive to make sure that every appointment is comfortable, painless, and easy. They are dedicated to taking the fear out of every patient’s visit.

Carley Reyes, the marketing director at DFW Oral Surgeons said, “Dr. Shillingburg uses biologic materials that help our patients heal faster and experience a lot less pain.” Dr. Shillingburg even utilizes Exparel, which helps minimize post-operative pain.

DFW Oral Surgeons was opened in 1975 by another surgeon that has since retired. In 2009, Dr. Shillingburg took over the practice and is now the sole oral surgeon with 10 additional people on staff. “Our whole practice genuinely cares about each and every patient that walks through our door,” Carley said.

Dr. Shillingburg is a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon. While their bread and butter at DFW Oral Surgeons is wisdom teeth removal surgery, Carley said, “Dr. Shillingburg is an expert on implants. He uses a guided technology made specifically for implants. That guided technology makes placing implants a super quick process.” 

At DFW Oral Surgeons, you get the whole surgical experience. “Sometimes when doing an implant procedure, the patient may need their sinus lifted. Dr. Shillingburg can do that right there in the office.” Carley said.

Dr. Shillingburg and his entire staff at DFW Oral Surgeons truly have a passion for taking care of their patients. They are completely committed to providing an all-around enjoyable experience to every single person in need of their assistance. It’s easy to see why this practice is so highly praised in Denton County. With their unwavering care and their drive to deliver the best possible experience for every single patient, DFW Oral Surgeons really is one of a kind.

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