The Perfect Balance Of Law And Family

Kimberly Shanklin insists she has one of those dreaded Type-A personalities you can see coming from four or five courtrooms away. She’s impatient, aggressive, and obsessed with doing things her way in a world where rules and procedure run her life. She also hates to disappoint and takes pride in being prepared for anything.

Just ask her husband, Brody, who has watched her navigate a high-stress career and a busy family life for nearly 16 years.

“I’m fairly certain my husband thinks I’m crazy because I have detailed lists for every part of my day, with back-up lists if things go off schedule due to client needs. Sometimes he’ll find me working out at 10:30 pm and just shakes his head and keeps moving because he knows I need to mark it off my list. ” Kimberly said with a laugh.

The point is that everything Kimberly has achieved on her own during her nearly 20-year career has been predicated on a take-no-prisoners attitude mixed with a compassionate mindset of always being there for her clients. That has made the Law Office of Kimberly Shanklin PLLC in Denton the perfect choice for anyone needing superior counsel for criminal and family law cases.

When Town Life magazine recently caught up with Kimberly at her office, it was clear there is also a softer side to this ultra-ambitious lawyer. Strip away the law degree, accolades, and impressive win-loss record, and you have the quintessential wife and mother who has created the perfect balance of law and family life. She is a devoted wife to Brody Shanklin, judge of the Texas 211th District Court in Denton. They have lived in Lantana for nearly six years and have two sons, Bryce (21) and Brock (15).

“We have two amazing boys. One thinks we are crazy and has no aspirations of being a lawyer, and the other looks just like his dad but has my personality,” Kimberly said of her kids. “Our youngest negotiates and argues all his points, just like a lawyer, and he’s very smart about it. Losing an argument to a child is both exhausting and frustrating.”

Kimberly could go on and on about her family. In fact, no matter how successful she is at work, the road she took to get here always had them in mind. Before opening her firm six years ago, Kimberly spent 13 years working for a larger firm representing thousands of clients. The experience she gained was invaluable, but it was a volume-based job. One case was always followed by seven or eight more in a fast-paced environment, which meant longer days and nights at work and less time focusing on the attention both her growing family and clients deserved.

In Kimberly’s eyes, that’s not the way she envisioned practicing law for the long-term. Rather than push people in and out, she wanted to take time with each client she represented and approach her job with a personal touch.

“The best thing I did was go out on my own,” Kimberly said. “With some of these family law cases, it’s very intensive with multiple life-altering decisions involved. You have to take a step back and focus on quality over quantity so that you can devote the time you need to each person. I love helping all my clients in any way I can.”

She added, “I learned early on in my career that it was easy to gain tons of clients with the lure of telling them what they wanted to hear and making false promises. But when clients asked for my opinion, I offered the truth — even when I knew it may cost me that client. Then, suddenly, I noticed those clients coming back to me after a horrible experience with someone who didn’t deliver. Then, those clients referred clients who had bad experiences and didn’t trust lawyers. It was now people seeking me out based on reputation. By knowing my worth, I’m able to fight for my clients who trust me to help them with serious life-changing decisions.”

Kimberly’s firm represents clients in all types of family law cases, including divorce, child custody, and adoptions. She is one of few attorneys chosen to represent high-risk clients through the family drug court and often represents both parents and children in CPS cases. She is also the go-to Denton County attorney in misdemeanor and felony criminal cases.

One by one, Kimberly takes care of all her clients – all with a reassuring tone that she is there to fight for them.

And somehow, she’s always there for her family. It’s about striking that perfect balance between law and family life — and Kimberly is clearly the best at it.

“No matter what is going on at my practice and how much work I put in, I want to spend as much time as I can be a good mom and wife. Having my own firm allows me the flexibility and freedom to do that.”

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