It’s safe to say that the past year has been difficult for many people. During this global pandemic, businesses were closed down, many essential resources were limited, and, for so long, we were asked to minimize our time with others. But, thanks to Stacey Roberts, the neighborhood of Country Lakes in Argyle has found a little piece of heaven in the midst of all of the chaos.

Stacey has worked in many group fitness centers over the years. Two years ago, she relocated to Texas from Colorado and found herself needing to start all over in her career as a fitness instructor. Upon moving to Texas, she began working in a studio, and, not long after, things started to get crazy. COVID had hit Denton County, and gyms were among the many businesses forced to shut down.

So many people look to fitness facilities as a way to take care of themselves. “People were going stir crazy,” Stacey said. She was determined to find a way to get people moving while also staying a safe distance apart. Stacey decided to post on her neighborhood group to see if anyone would be interested in participating in a women-only fitness group. And the response was overwhelming. She decided to provide a Barre format for the group’s workouts.

“You typically find this particular format at a ballet studio,” Stacey explained.  “Barre is a full-body workout and is all about modifications.”

With the wide range of women that would be attending these workout sessions, this type of workout format seemed perfect for what Stacey wanted to offer. Because of the easy modifications in this type of workout, Stacey would be able to accommodate women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. “These workouts are designed for everyone,” Stacey said.

Stacey set out to find all of the equipment that she would need for her classes. She looked all over Denton and located 30 dumbbells and balance balls. “They just need to bring a mat and water,” Stacey said.

Stacey has created this women-only group for ladies of all ages. She charges $5 a person per class while also offering the first class free of charge to see if this group and fitness program is right for you. In her busier months, she offers a discounted rate on her unlimited workout package.

“You can come to however many classes you want,” Stacey said. “It’s not just about your physical health. It’s about your mental health, as well.”

It’s quite obvious that in these hectic and difficult times, Stacey Roberts has paved a path of wellness for our beloved home of Denton County.

photos courtesy of Barre social media page

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