The New Way to Modernize Your Home

Luckily, there’s now a new and smarter way to paint your home that decreases your frustration and increases overall value.

A company called Spray-Net has developed specialized coatings and processes that bring a factory finish to your home. Locally-owned franchises are in Flower Mound, and they are spreading the news about this revolutionary service that uses patented coatings specific to the type of surface to be covered and applies them with a high-tech weather-adjusted process. The finish gives a home that brand-new, just-built look, and it’s guaranteed against peeling for a full 15-years.

According to one franchise owner, Steve Forsythe, Spray-Net’s unique effectiveness is due to a “…combination of the paint, which is specially engineered for the surface being painted and the meticulously developed application process. We renew the look and extend the life of surfaces which cannot be painted effectively by traditional painters.”

Surfaces include aluminum as well as vinyl siding, stucco, fiber cement, engineered wood, brick, doors, and windows. “One of my favorites is our coating for brick, which is actually a stain,” Forsythe said. “It retains the original texture of the brick and allows the brick to breathe.”

Spray-Net doesn’t stop at the exterior of a home. Adding to its revolutionary concept is the ability to completely update a kitchen or bathroom using the company’s kitchen cabinet refinishing service. It can be applied to thermofoil, laminate, melamine, and wood.

Traditional kitchen remodeling can be a nightmare, costing upwards of $40,000 and turning the home into dusty chaos that requires living life in the middle of a mess for months. Spray-Net typically finishes the project in two days. That includes prep, spray, and reinstallation of cabinets with a factory-quality, surface-tailored paint that doesn’t peel and washes easily. Cabinets are ready for use that day.

“We’re the only painters in the world who offer coatings specifically formulated for your surfaces and expected weather conditions — supported by a real-time, weather-adjusted paint job based on the actual weather conditions on the day of application,” Forsythe said.

That can be especially valuable in Texas, where the weather embraces every possible extreme.

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photos courtesy of Spray-Net

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