The journey to finding the right salon and stylist that meets all of your wants and needs can be a stressful path to take. You want someone who will take the time to get to know you and your desires and that shares the same vision as you do. You want a salon that is dedicated to providing you with the most luxurious salon experience.

You want to feel understood and cared for from the moment you walk in the door. Summer Miyatake, owner of Denton Color Lab, has created just the space.

In just over four years, Denton Color Lab has become an award-winning salon. They have taken home two award-winning titles that include Best of Denton County and Best of Denton. And those awards are much deserved.

Denton Color Lab is home to 18 unique and creative stylists. The salon’s modern boho environment offers a unique experience to each and every one of its guests. Each stylist takes the time to make sure that each person in their chair feels valued and cared for. “Each stylist goes through a year-long associates’ program.” Summer said. During this associate’s program, each stylist gets the baseline of knowledge for the salon. “Each stylist is trained in communication and formulation.”

Denton Color Lab is known for its amazing color services and experiences. While Denton Color Lab is a full-service salon that also offers cutting and facial waxing, this particular salon specializes in color. “We specialize in everything from fashion color, balayage, and basic highlight.” Summer said.

Summer had been an independent contractor for 20 years. “I was about to turn 40, and I wanted to do something different. I wanted to be a mentor to other stylists.” Summer said. Summer wanted to create a unique work environment for the cosmetology industry. Unlike most salons in the industry, Summer provides benefits for her employees that include a 401K, college savings, and insurance. “It’s a very unusual thing for our industry to offer.” Summer said.

With the success of Denton Color Lab over the last four years, Summer found that it was time to expand her business. “We were busting at the seams.” She explained. She decided to open a second location in Northlake. She loved the

location because it was similar to Denton. “Northlake is predicted to be the next Frisco.”

Summer made the brave decision to open up a second location in the middle of a pandemic. “I just thought, ‘this pandemic won’t last forever.’” Summer said. And with this new addition to her business, there has not been a shortage of excitement. “We haven’t even begun interviewing for the new space, and I already have a stack of resumes.”

Just like her current stylists will be able to go back and forth between locations, their guests can, too. Each guest’s formulas and information will be readily available at each location, and prices will stay the same for both salons. No matter what location you choose to visit, you are sure to receive the same relaxing and pampered experience with each and every visit.

photos courtesy of Denton Color Lab

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