The Heart of Castle Hills Eye Care

Castle Hills Eye Care

Dr. Saied Hashemi, OD, offers a unique optometry experience to his patients in and around the Castle Hills area. His work is impeccable, and, according to most people, the main contributor to the experience is Dr. Hashemi’s habit of leading with his heart.

Dr. Hashemi has been practicing optometry for twenty-plus years. With a spirit of humility and a consuming desire to serve, he is guided by his patients’ and the community’s needs. He realized his dream of a stand-alone clinic many years ago and finally opened the doors to Castle Hills Eye Care in March of 2021.

The clinic supports charities such as the Salvation Army, which team up regularly to treat homeless patients and give them the gift of sight. They also collect old glasses for the ‘Lions Club Foundation’ and Toys for ‘Toys For Tots’.

We Interviewed Dr.Hashemi and his Office Manager to see if there was anything new going on in his practice. “We’ve added new equipment that allows us to cut lenses in the office on the same day, provided the prescription is within our parameters,” he explained. “This is a tremendous benefit to our patients, especially in emergency situations, where a patient needs glasses as soon as possible.”

“We chose the newest top of the line lens cutting machine that focuses on quickly, cutting and polishing all prescription lenses, including High Index. If we have your prescription in stock we can normally have it cut within the hour. We also offer this service to patients from other optometrists, with a valid prescription.”

Since March marks Castle Hills Eye Care’s anniversary of opening, they will be throwing their Annual Anniversary Party. “We’re planning a Huge Party this year, with a Trunk show by ‘Callaway’ and ‘Betsey Johnson’, gift bags, door prizes, raffles, food and drinks all day.” Office Manager Tori Marsh said, “The party will be on Saturday, March 4 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but we will also be offering discounts all month long in appreciation of our patients’ continued support.”

“The next expansion we’re looking into will be for more dry eyes treatments and eye spa rehabilitation,” Dr. Hashemi said. “We want to broaden our availability of natural treatments to help the eye glands to produce the needed tears, without medications.”

One of the main reasons for wanting the stand-alone facility was so Dr. Hashemi could grow into new services, and with each added service, he makes every day a little clearer for his patients. At least 80 percent of their preexisting patients come from when they had practices inside Walmart. These patients have stayed with Dr.Hashemi through this transition, which says a great deal about how Dr. Hashemi and his staff treat people. They cater to all price ranges, and their fees haven’t changed in three years.

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