It’s okay to admit it, ladies. We’ve all dreamed of looking at a special someone from beneath a fringe of long, luxurious lashes. Well, wake up! Today it’s possible through the expert skills and technologies at The Lash Lounge which, by the way, was voted the Best of Denton County for the fourth consecutive year. The franchise was established in 2006.

Yvonne Hemphill, former VP of Operations for The Lash Lounge corporate office, and husband, Terrell, purchased a The Lash Lounge franchise in 2017.  They opened January 30th in the Robertson’s Creek Shopping Center in Flower Mound. Previously, there was a The Lash Lounge location in Highland Village, but its owners retired a year earlier, leaving the salon closed and the customer base scattered.

The Hemphills’ Lash Lounge has distinguished itself as the flagship for the chain’s other 10 DFW salons, set apart from similar facilities by its total customization for each individual client.

“The Lash Lounge was the very first salon to focus on lash extensions,” Yvonne said. “We took that focus forward another huge step when we began customizing extensions for each individual client who walked through our doors. One of the greatest benefits of customization is it allows us to preserve the integrity of the natural lashes.

“Appointments begin with consultations, educating customers in what is healthy and sustainable for their natural lashes. For example, extremely thick, long extensions cannot be supported by fine, thin lashes. It’s like hanging a heavy ornament on the very end of a Christmas tree branch. All our technicians are trained to analyze natural lashes, to determine thickness, length, and the resulting weight ratio. This is not a one-size-fits-all application.” There are three lash extension applications.

“The Classic has one extension on each lash,” she said. “If you have 20 natural lashes, you will have 20 longer lashes when we’re finished. The Volume uses a fan of lashes, as many as seven, on each lash. We make our own fans. Going back to that 20-natural lash example, if we apply five-lash extensions/fans to each of those 20, you would have 100 lashes per eye when done. The third style is Hybrid, which is a mix of the first two.”

The expert technology and application during the two to 2 and one-half hour process is amazing.

“It’s also tremendously rewarding when you watch a client look in a mirror and her face lights up when she sees her eyes. She’s ready for anything!” Yvonne said.

972.808.5274 | | 5801 Long Prairie Rd., Ste. 830 • Flower Mound, TX 75028

photography by What’s That Guy’s Name? | PHOTOGRAPHY BY GUY T

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