The Design House – Setting the Bar High

The Design House

Jennifer Homeyer has been influencing this male dominant flooring and construction industry for the last 14 years. What started out as just an ordinary flooring business back in 2008, quickly evolved into a flourishing remodeling and design company. “We do everything from simple flooring projects to whole house remodels.  We do the dirty work that makes homes beautiful,” Jennifer said. Even though they specialize in what has historically been a male-dominated business, most of Jennifer’s sales staff is made up of women with a handful of men sprinkled in for good measure.

Thirteen years ago Jennifer made a decision that would impact her business in a very positive way. “I made the commitment to become a part of the Shaw Flooring Network.  And just last year I was asked to sit on the Shaw Flooring Network Dealer Council,” Jennifer said proudly. What is truly spectacular about this is that out of the 18 members from around the country, on the council, 4 of them are women.  “Our presence is growing in this industry and it’s a great thing to see,” Jennifer said.

Out of 1700 Shaw Flooring Network members across the country as well as Canada, Jennifer was hand selected to serve her industry. “It’s truly an honor,” Jennifer stated. “I have a daughter and I want her to see that she can be strong yet feminine, a force and a leader yet humble. She can be a mom, a difference maker, and a leader.”

For Jennifer, being able to lead on a national level is not taken lightly. “My job is important on this council; decisions my fellow council members and I make will affect business owners like myself around the country.  We are here to make doing business easier, whether you are male or female. It is just really good to see more women in the industry because after all, it is a design industry,” Jennifer added.

Jennifer is a woman making big moves in a man’s world and she truly is setting the bar high for influential women in the business world. It’s no secret that Jennifer has experienced the hardships and initial judgment of a woman in a male-dominated industry in her 14 years, however, she has overcome those thoughts and prejudices to create an impressive name for herself. It just goes to show that no matter what obstacles you face, you can always overcome.

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