The Best Fall Décor Ideas of 2022

It’s that time of year when we start talking about fall décor. It’s getting to be the season of pumpkin patches, hot apple cider, and hay rides. That also means it’s time for fall décor – painted pumpkins, colorful leaves, scarecrows, and festive wreaths. But what if I told you that the trend this year is DIY. That’s right! You can have the most beautifully decorated home at a low cost and a lot of fun.

A trend that is definitely worth your time is the picture leaf wall. All you need to do is take a stroll through nature and find the most beautiful and festive leaves that go with your décor and then press them, frame them, and hang them on the wall. They make for the most unique, festive, and gorgeous display that everyone is sure to ogle when they visit. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood with your picture leaf wall this Autumn season.

Dried flowers are all of the rage these days. They are so beautiful to decorate with. You can create wreaths that will wow anyone who walks through your door. You can create vase displays as a centerpiece that will show-stop any party. There is a reason that they are so hot on the fall décor market for 2022. They are versatile, easy, beautiful, and unique. You’re sure to find that the absolute best decorating trends this year will almost always include dried flowers.

Pillows are always an essential part of any décor in a room. You want to spice up your living room? Pillows. Bedroom looking a bit drab? Pillows. Outdoor living space isn’t booming with comfort and excitement? Pillows. So, it comes as no shock that pillows are here and they are here to stay. And if you really don’t want to spend and arm and a leg, you can always just purchase pillow covers for your current pillows. It saves you money and if they get dirty, you can just throw them in the washer. There’s no better way to decorate this season than with festive pillows.

A mantel is more than a place to hang and set décor. It’s become a bit of a statement piece over the year, especially in the south. So when it comes to fall decorating, it’s obvious that the mantel needs to be mentioned. Adding texture, layers, different heights and colors, with multiple different objects to decorate is a great way to bring fall décor into your home in a small way that makes a huge impact.

No matter how you decorate this year, don’t loose sight of the togetherness that comes with the season. Take your kids to the pumpkin patch, carve pumpkins with your loved ones, sip hot apple cider while you stroll through the town with the one whom your soul loves. Or just sit at home, watch Gilmore Girls, and appreciate the fall décor that everyone will be sure to fall in love with.

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