“Life is simply better when we leisurely graze on wonderful foods with our favorite people.”

-Lane Tunstall 

Two years ago, Argyle resident Lane Tunstall was on the verge of heading back to corporate America when she put together a charcuterie board for her children’s school event. The joy of arranging good, quality food on a board that brought people together gave her the idea to start her own business. 

Board + Brie is located in Roanoke, Texas, and has become a household name. From custom boards and cones to grazing tables of any size, Lane and her team really can do it all. Her passion is to bring people together over a delicious bite to eat. 

Lane began her business during the holiday season. So when frosted cranberries and cranberry cheeses hit store shelves, her excitement soars. 

“I truly care about people and every box, board, or table I create,” Lane said. “I love a challenge, I love seeing the vision come to life, and I am a foodie who loves the presentation of food.” 

DIY charcuterie classes helped launch Board + Brie nationally. Lane has hosted classes for business team-building meetings, retreats, and online networking events, including teaming up with Nickelodeon. 

“Boards don’t always have to be meat and cheese,” Lane said. “I love finding fun props, creating kid boards with all their favorite sweets, and themed boards based on holidays and what’s in season.” 

During Christmas, you will find Lane’s trademark Brie with a rosemary wreath topped with frosted cranberries on most of her charcuterie creations. It’s definitely a crowd-pleaser. 

“I get a lot of inspiration from looking at cakes on Pinterest,” Lane said. “Then I try to recreate the idea into my boards and tables. I love trying something new.” 

Charcuterie has become an easy yet elegant addition to weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and any gathering. Lane’s boards and boxes are even given as gifts, with Father’s Day being one of her busiest holidays. 

Lane loves interacting with her community: talking cheese and helping others to create charcuterie masterpieces through her in-person and virtual classes. 

With Board + Brie, life is gouda! 


How to create a beautiful board: 


Let it Brie

  • We love a good centerpiece. Brie is a beautiful choice to base the entire board around. Add honeycomb on top, frost cranberries, fruit, or greenery. Also, select three to five cheeses to fill the board. We prefer soft and hard cheeses like Manchego, dill Havarti, Gouda, sage derby, or any of your favorites. 

Spread the Love 

  • Every good cracker needs a good dip. Depending on the vision for your board, a spread could include spicy mustard, hummus, spinach artichoke dip, pub cheese, or jams. 

Add Greenery

  • To make each board pop, we love to add fresh basil leaves, sprigs of rosemary, beautiful sage, and eucalyptus. 

Nice to Meat You

  • Most boards include Italian meats: salami and pepperoni, but the world is your oyster. Prosciutto, thinly sliced deli meats, and jerky can be delicious additions. 


  • Add in stuffed olives, cornichons, or pickled anything for something tangy. Not only does it add extra color to the board, but it gives guests a pop of flavor. 

Be Creative

  • Creating depth on the board is very important. Stack cheeses, decorate with fresh and dried fruit, sprinkle smoked nuts, or top with a sweet treat. Wood boards tend to be popular for the rustic feel, but almost anything can work as a charcuterie board. 


For more information about Board + Brie, visit www.BoardBrieDFW.com.  

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