Small Bank, Big Impact

Justin State Bank

Justin State Bank has been serving the community of Justin for the past 115 years. With that many years of service, it is easy to see why this small, local community bank has made such a big impact on the lives of Justin’s residents for generations. When you walk in the door, you are welcomed as family and served by bankers that have years
of experience. 

The concept of these small community banks has become a real rarity in the banking world. The staff at Justin State Bank have been there for years. Their customers know them, and the staff calls them by name when they walk in
the door. 

For Shantel Day, the difference in Justin State Bank is abundantly clear. “I came to work for Justin State Bank because they needed an experienced lender. Coming to a smaller bank, I thought I would be giving up some of the technology and products larger banks offer, but that was not the case. What I found was I could offer a wide range of Treasury Products, Depository Products, and Online Services in addition to our loan products.” 

Customers appreciate the fast response we provide to their requests. “I love that this bank allows us to take care of our customers in a unique way,” Shantel said. “As a Commercial Lender, I typically meet with my clients at their place of business, and occasionally I have been known to make a house call if the situation warrants it. We get to provide an extra level
of service.”

No matter how much we grow, we will continue to focus on being the bank that makes a big impact on those we serve. We encourage you to stop by and experience the difference.    

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