Sip + Savor

Sip + Savor

We have the perfect new spot for you whether you are looking to host a birthday party, bridal shower, girls’ day/night out, or just a casual evening out with your significant other or friends.

Sip + Savor recently opened in the Shops at Highland Village and has had the whole town buzzing since it opened. If you’re familiar with Northern California kitchens, it evokes that same kind of feeling through their food and drink selection.

Owners Jenn and Scott Sharrer have a deep love and appreciation for Wine Country and have combined their individual expertise in the restaurant and wine industries to bring the best to their customers at Sip + Savor.

Their beautiful bar has an impressive selection of cocktails, mocktails, and (of course) wines. If you’re not sure where to start, ask your server or one of the bartenders, and they can find you a drink that will match your taste and preferences.

Speaking of taste and preferences, their Northern California-inspired kitchen has dishes that will appeal to you no matter what you’re looking for. While we visited, we had the chance to taste some of their most popular dishes, including their famous mussels, bison bolognese, and sea bass served with a jicama slaw.

There are so many other items on their menu we can’t wait to try out, and are looking forward to many more visits to Sip + Savor!

If you’re looking to host an event, contact them about renting out their private room. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, make a reservation. Or feel free just to pop in while you’re roaming around The Shops.

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