Shopping local and supporting local small businesses is so important, especially with the recent pandemic and the holidays approaching. Showing support for your local community is such a big part of the success of our county. When you shop locally, you get the personal feeling that you don’t get at bigger shops. When you walk in the door, you see your neighbors, friends, and family, and you know that you’re helping to keep the community thriving. That’s why The Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce’s Shop Local week was such a huge initiative and was a great success for, not only the Chamber, but also for the residents and business owners of Flower Mound as a whole. 

“Shopping local is what the Chamber is all about,” Lori Walker, President of the Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce, said. The Chamber partnered with the Economic Development Department to create Shop Local week. “We want to bring businesses to Flower Mound and surrounding areas, but also want, once they are here, for them to thrive,” Lori said. 

During the shutdown of the pandemic, many local businesses suffered tremendous losses, some not being able to keep their doors open. “During COVID, it was just so important to us that our community really rallied around the local businesses, the brick and mortar that we have here in our community, which is what makes it so great,” Lori said. And from there, the idea of shop, dine, and play came to life. 

“We created those categories because we want our residents to do all things local from their medical to their insurance needs, to their financial planning. We want everything kept local, especially as we’re coming into the holiday season. That’s why we kicked it off the first week of November. We wanted people to be thinking of shopping and dining local,” Lori said.

These local businesses were the ones that were really hit hard during the pandemic. “These businesses need two things. They need employees, and they need people in their businesses. They need people in their seats at the restaurants, and they need people shopping,” Lori said. 

Shopping local is all about experiences. “You don’t get an experience online,” Lori said. “There’s something about touching it, seeing it, maybe even getting that last item that makes it so much fun.”

The Chamber really put forth their best effort to make this event such a success. “We did a lot of research. We talked to other communities about programs that they had done,” Lori said. “We came up with a beautiful website that was done by Murray Media. We also did a great partnership with the town. We did videos with the town Communications Department. We even did videos for some of our businesses to put on our website.”

The Chamber gathered lists from multiple sources, such as from the chamber, the town, and the Economic Development Department for all of the businesses in the community. “We used any lists that we could get our hands on and sent mass emails to them explaining the program and explaining how easy it was. All they had to do was go into the website and sign up,” Lori said. 

The Chamber also encouraged each business that participated in the Shop Local week to have specials and discounts that were applicable during the week of the event. 

“What is so important about Shop Local week is that it was not intended to be one week. It is meant to be long lasting,” Lori said. The Chamber intends to hold this event next year. “It will be even bigger and better,” Lori said.  

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