Shelly’s Advanced Skin Care

Gone are the days when skin care services were viewed as a luxury. Today, consumers realize that routine treatments are essential to maintain healthy skin and prevent premature aging or sun damage.

“We also realize the benefit of completely unplugging for a time and taking time to care for one’s self,” said Shelly Pagnotta, the founder and owner of Shelly’s Advanced Skin Care.

Shelly’s has been a trusted resource for skin care, serving Lantana and the surrounding communities for 14 years.

“We pride ourselves on providing amazing skin care. However, our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop with our services alone. Our goal is to spark joy and confidence through each interaction and treatment we have with our clients,” Shelly said. “We provide quality results-driven treatments in a peaceful nurturing environment.”

Shelly has been in the beauty industry for 27 years and has brought her years of experience to this community, creating products and treatments that create true change in the skin.

Anti-aging treatments are a staple in the assortment of treatments provided. Many of Shelly’s clients are amazed at the way their skin has responded with consistency in treatments and home care.

Shelly’s staff is ACNE certified and has a 90% success rate in curing ACNE through its intensive ACNE protocol. Shelly’s is known for its quality customized facials. Custom facials all come with a professional exfoliation.

“We have several options, all dependent on the type, condition, and concern of the skin we are treating,” Shelly mentioned.“ We are known for facials, however, we also provide hair removal services and have been told by many people that they have experienced a much higher quality waxing service than other establishments they visited in the past.” Shelly’s Advanced Skin Care uses wax imported from Australia, and their service has been a fantastic success in the client’s comfort.

What keeps Shelly’s Advanced Skin Care on top is the team behind it. Pagnotta takes pride in her passionate therapists and estheticians, who are industry experts.

“If I want my customers well cared for – and I do – I need to be sure my therapists are well cared for,” she remarked. “My girls know that I think they are all rock stars, and I try to make sure they realize the important role they play in the growth of Shelly’s.”

Shelly, who started her skincare journey in 1991, says she gets energy from mentoring estheticians. She loves the training process and spends at least 90 days training new hires and continues to mentor them as they grow into their role.

With skin care businesses being one of the fast-growing markets, Shelly’s is thriving with consistency, commitment, and professionalism. Shelly realizes that there are many choices in a client’s search for skin care services, and she is honored to serve each client that walks through the door with a level of excellence that sets her apart from the competition.

972.355.2473 | 7160 Justin Rd. • Lantana, TX

photos courtesy of Shelly’s Advanced Skin Care

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