Setting the Bar High in Optometry

Dr. Jennifer Schirner with New View Optometry is setting the bar high when it comes to quality eye care. She has been practicing in the DFW area for the past 10 years, and she provides a service that only a handful of doctors in the DFW metroplex offer. 

“We offer primary eye care services such as routine exams, soft contact lens fittings, and treatment of eye disease, but my passion is for specialty contact lenses.” Dr. Schirner said.

When it comes to these specialty services, Dr. Schirner offers a variety of services that include medically-necessary lenses like rigid gas permeables, hybrids and sclerals. She also offers painted prosthetic lenses for cosmesis for patients with iris or corneal trauma, orthokeratology for patients who want freedom from day time contact lenses and glasses, as well as offering myopia management with contact lenses to slow prescription changes in children. 

“I specialize in medically-necessary and specialty contact lenses.” Dr. Schirner says. People who have keratoconus, trauma, or previous eye surgery are sometimes unable to see with glasses and soft contact lenses and require hard lenses to see clearly. Unfortunately, hard lenses tend to be uncomfortable, and many people give up on them. Today we fit scleral lenses that are much more comfortable and a healthier option for these patients.”

Providing these services has proven very rewarding. “It might sound so simple, but the joy that each person expresses when seeing the world clearly again just never gets old,” Dr. Schirner said.

“I have always loved contact lenses. I got my first pair of soft lenses at 18, and it was life changing.” Dr. Schirner said. “When I learned about orthokeratology as an optometry student, I couldn’t believe it was a real option. Although the technology is out there, patients aren’t going to be offered these lenses unless there is a practitioner out there willing to take the time and expertise to fit them. I wanted to bring specialty lenses to the community I live in.”


4151 Cross Timbers Rd #140,
Flower Mound, TX 75028

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