Serving Families with Benevolence

The manager at Morningstar Storage, Jennifer Thomas, once had a customer who was a retired 9/11 first responder who recently moved to town. Jennifer understood how it felt to be a transplant Texan, so she gave him a list of places to help get him acclimated to the area. He came back to her the next day grateful for everything. He rented two units with her and gave her the patch from his NYPD jacket and the memorial photo they only provided to the first responders. Great businesses are run by humanity more than any other strategy. Morningstar Storage, Lewisville proves it. Morningstar was founded in 1981 in an area known as Morningstar township, just southeast of Charlotte, North Carolina, by Stephen Benson.

As the self-storage industry is on the rise, the demand for quality service is also surging. Morningstar delivers an exceptional customer experience via a well-trained, competent staff and provides an enjoyable work environment for all employees. “Our goal is to build quality public self-storage facilities unequaled in cleanliness, safety, and appearance and a variety of sizes,” Jennifer shared. “Whether you need a place to store your family’s book collection, files, and records, or your ski boat that needs a home when it’s not in use, we have the right solution for you.”

Storing your belongings is often a stressful experience; Morningstar makes it as simple as possible with customer-friendly practices and amenities. A free moving truck, 24-hour access, package delivery, and a 12-month price guarantee are some of the amenities that make this business popular in town.
Morningstar Storage has solved people’s household, business, and recreational storage needs for more than 40 years.

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