Landon Rosckes figured his new resin art hobby would be nothing more than a chance to flex his creative muscles during downtime between classes. What it became was a full-fledged business and a hit among local art enthusiasts.

Rosckes is an Argyle resident who graduated from Guyer three years ago and now attends Oklahoma University. He formally started LR Designs shortly after several of his unique cutting boards, tables, and wall pieces were gobbled up by interested online buyers last summer. His first project, a 2-feet by 2-feet ocean piece, sold on Facebook for $400. It is now one of more than 100 pieces he’s sold during the last year — all in his spare time.

“My dad thought I was crazy because to do resin artwork is pretty expensive — especially starting off. But I figured, ‘I’m just going to throw this money toward it and see where it takes me,’” Rosckes said with a laugh. “Sure enough, my family thought they were cool, and neighbors did, too. I never thought anyone would actually purchase anything, but once that happened, I thought, ‘I might actually have something here.’ I’ve just kept with it all this time.”

He added, “To see the reactions on people’s faces when they see the different pieces — that’s what it’s all about.”

Rosckes, 21, is a pre-med chemical biosciences major. He said the idea of resin art came to him on a whim while he was taking a few sciences courses last summer. He didn’t have time to get a traditional 9-5 job, but he stumbled across YouTube videos of artists working with resin and was instantly hooked. Admittedly, he had no idea what he was looking at, but he quickly signed up for an epoxy resin course and learned as much as he could.

He learned that by mixing resin with a hardener, the result is a high-gloss, clear surface. Resin artists get creative by adding color pigments or other additives to the resin, transforming what might be an ordinary table, etc. into an intricate work of art. The sky is the limit with this form of art, and Rosckes’ pieces prove that.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting it to get this big,” said Rosckes, who had 340 Likes on Facebook when this story was published. “As soon as I finish something, I’m posting it to my LR Designs Facebook page so that my followers can see them first. I’ve had all sorts of people messaging me, so it’s been fun.”

If you’re a fan of Rosckes’ work, don’t be alarmed that he hasn’t been pumping out any new pieces lately. As previously mentioned, he is a full-time student at OU and is currently studying to take his Medical College Admission Test. He says that as soon as he has some free time — likely this summer — he’ll be back at work being creative.

“It’s something that I love to do,” Rosckes said.

photos courtesy of LR Designs Facebook page

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