Real Estate Friendship Partnership

It was “like at first sight” when real estate agents Amy Turner and Robin Massey met one another. “Robin was going out of town, and she asked me to help with a client,” Turner recalled. “It didn’t take long to realize we have very similar work methods, complemented by different strengths. I started in real estate in 2003 and worked only as a single agent.

Robin, on the other hand, started in 2008 and worked as part of a company team. Being able to combine both perspectives was a valuable asset.”

The two women are both married with children. They have distinctively different personalities, are passionate about their work, and blend together seamlessly.

“We always seem to have instincts about one another, which is why I suppose I wasn’t overly surprised when Robin asked if I’d like to start a brokerage company with her,” Turner continued. “The question came out of the blue, but I didn’t think very long before saying yes. I can tell you I would never have embarked on this adventure with anyone but Robin.”

One of the perks of belonging to a team, even a small one, is the availability of another pair of shoulders.

“It really helps,” Massey said. “In this case, it means I can spend time with my family and not worry about the business.”

Turner and Massey finalized the details of their Turner Massey Realty, LLC partnership in June 2019. The office is in Argyle, but they serve the entire DFW Metroplex with a variety of luxury, land and ranch, investment, and single-family properties. They knew there was a lot of work in front of them since real estate is a 24-7 career that, at times, can be emotionally stressful.

“Buying a house means deciding on the place you’re going to eat and sleep and raise your children,” Massey said. “That’s very intimate and very personal.”

Turner and Massey faced their new venture with bright smiles, brains filled with knowledge, and hearts bursting with hope and courage. They were well-armed, but they had no idea they were walking into one of the craziest markets in real estate history.

“COVID-19, quarantines, and a long list of uncertainties taught people across the country a lot of things,” Massey said. “We all learned life is short, and our best day is every day. We learned we can live anywhere and still be effective at our jobs. Work boils down to a computer and an Internet connection and Zoom. As a result, many, many people decided they want to live their best life, wherever that may be.”

Zoom became a household term. Many of the Turner Massey agents came into the fold through Zoom interviews. The company started with six agents and now has 27, which is considered a huge as well as rapid growth curve.

“We are selective when hiring our agents,” Massey said. “And we are truly blessed with the best ones. We’re agent-focused because we can do nothing without them. Basically, each agent has his or her own business. We provide a place for them to learn how to grow that business and to become the kind of agent people are excited to work with. It’s up to us to maintain that high energy level.

“In the equation, the agents are the ones with the boots on the ground. Their clients are the buyers and sellers. Our clients are the agents, to whom we are so grateful. They’ve contributed greatly to attracting other amazing agents. There would be no Turner Massey Realty without these 25 talented women, and now two men, who are all highly professional, kind, and willing to jump in and help one another when there’s a need.”

Out-of-state buyers flood into Texas, especially from California. They sell their California property for enough money to pad their pockets generously, and they arrive in Texas ready, willing, and able to pad someone else’s.

“Texas has always enjoyed the luxury of having plenty of homes for all price ranges,” Turner said. “Now, many sales turn into bidding wars, with properties receiving 10 or more offers. There are waiting lists for houses, with both the new construction and pre-owned channels blocked. We had one couple who purchased a house sight-unseen.

“We feel the strong DFW market will continue, even after the current land rush settles down a little.”

Massey and Turner are truly friends as well as partners. They laugh, talk, and text as late as 11:00 pm or even midnight. And, yes, they discuss the future. They joke about building a real estate empire across the south. But, maybe, it’s not a joke, since plans to expand into Florida and Arkansas within the next year are already in place.

Turner Massey Realty | 606 HWY 377 • Argyle, TX 76226 | 940.340.3071

photo courtesy of Miranda Longoria Photography

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