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Keka Novales

The best children’s books are ones that encourage utilizing the imagination, developing their vocabulary, and achieving a better understanding of the world. Many children’s authors face the task of creating a character with a unique background, while simultaneously portraying their challenges in a relatable storyline. Only, a portion of those authors, though, are gifted enough to tell their stories through the eyes of their adolescent selves.

Keka Novales is an up-and-coming author of a children’s book series called “!Hola, Lola!”. It follows a young Guatemalan girl named Lola faced with the various obstacles that come with being a minority in the United States. While the culturally significant elements woven into the series are what make “Hola Lola!” especially intriguing to Hispanic children, the challenges faced by Lola can be experienced by children from any background.

Keka, who was born and raised in Guatemala, has called Texas home since 2016. She and her husband have three kids and three Cavalier King Charles who enjoy going on adventures together. She is also the youngest of three sisters. I know what you’re thinking – no, 3 isn’t her favorite number, but it is definitely prominent in her life.

When she isn’t writing, Keka enjoys organizing community events and author visits to promote !Hola, Lola!. Most recently, held at Little Elm Public Library, was a workshop for children to learn about and practice writing a book.

!Hola, Lola! Is an opportunity to support a Gueatemalen-Texan author, and to provide your child with a book that describes accurate and positive representations of the cultural groups within our community. These are important things for children to be exposed to because the way children’s minds work is similar to the function of a sponge – both are squishy, and both absorb substance. Unfortunately, only a sponge does the dishes without complaint.

Keka’s inspiring children’s literature is available at Barn’s & Noble, Walmart, Amazon, and IndieBound.

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