Quality Pet Care – Pet Suites Business Spotlight

Our pets are more than just our animals, they’re our family. They’re our babies. We love them wholeheartedly and want to give them the best care provided. So when it comes to things like boarding, training, daycare, or grooming, you want to make sure that whoever is providing that for your fur babies is going to love and treat them just as you would. At PetSuites of America in Lewisville, that’s the type of quality care that they provide for every pet
that walks through their doors.

With 18 other resorts already in Texas, PetSuites of America opened their newest location in Lewisville on December 8th and since then they’ve seen nothing but great success. “We opened two weeks before Christmas and the holidays were definitely booming,” Brandon Duby, Resort Manager at PetSuites Lewisville said.

When it comes to some of their services, they offer top-of-the-line treatment with their luxurious boarding options, including their different suite types and their various
playtime activity packages.

They also offer Puppy Preschool, which is where your new puppy aged between 3 and 6 months old can learn socialization, potty training, and all-around good manners. You can also purchase private or group training class packages.

The Lewisville location has 24 amazing employees on staff and each one shares the same quality; genuine care for animals. “We all have one major thing in common and that’s that we all love animals,” Amber Yeakle, General Manager of PetSuites Lewisville said. “We’re like a family. We all take care of each other. It’s a family environment.”

PetSuites of Lewisville is passionate about providing care for the entire community. “We have a strong focus on community. We work closely with our local booster clubs, schools, and rescue organizations. We’re even going to be fostering a puppy to be adopted,” Brandon said.

With the wide variety of care and affection that they offer each pet that enters their doors, it’s obvious to see why PetSuites of Lewisville truly stands out against the rest. For the entire staff, it’s all about nothing but quality care.

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